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Cleckley on 2/29/2012 Reply  · 

Yeah, I suppose that air of self-importance associatd with exploitation films can extend the entertainment half-life of a movie, so to speak. Certain scenes are made more enjoyable thanks to their controversy, but only to the extent of one's own desire to think about serious issues. I may have been more inclined to think that way a few years ago (as a teen I preferred thoughful, 'psuedo-artistic movies), but I'm more of poporn junkie now, and now thinking is just an ocassional by-product of more immediately satisfying scenes/films/content. I guess I sort of reserve the intellectual exploration of movies for the odd match-up on this site, and not really while I'm actually watching a film. But then, the bulk of your current Top 20 is made up of comedies, so I guess you know exactly what I mean.

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dgalido on 4/6/2016 Reply  · 

I just wanted to thank you for your trio of comments from matchups involving Lord of the G-Strings. I assumed when I saw three of them in a row on the discussion board that they would be simply the title of which movie you picked, but I was pleasantly surprised by your clearly thought out, somewhat lengthy, well reasoned explanation in each case. Well done, today I tip my cap to you, sir.

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Skottula on 4/12/2016 Reply  · 

Sometimes even smut deserves a fair shake.... wait - that came out wrong....

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