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SPAZEATSWORLD on 12/19/2010 Reply  · 

Day 1: So far...this is pretty darn cool. Although my top 10 is not completely accurate... Some of the movies in the group will end up remaining... or at the very least will remain in the top 20-50...

As currently ranked it goes:
1. Braveheart
2. Interview With A Vampire
3. Die Hard
4. Star Wars: Ep#2 Attack Of The Clones
5. Fight Club
6. Knocked Up
7. Star Trek (11)
8. American History X
9. Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines
10. As Good As It Gets

Obviously this list needs a lot of editing!
BUT... Braveheart & Star Trek might end up staying in the top 10. The rest will fall down somewhere... Perhaps American History X will remain in the top 20 with Fight Club in the mix as well... In the meantime... this is where they fell after day 1

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Colonelelfye on 12/21/2010 Reply  · 

I won't be too harsh since this is only after a day- but really? Episode II? I mean, granted, probably the best of the newer 3, but noooo way it should be a top 10 :-P Also, you need to go out and rent The Usual Suspects right now, and then when you're done, Memento. I realize that I have many on my unseen list that are also necessary, and I plan on fixing that soon- those are just my STRONG suggestions as to where to begin!

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