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"James “King of the World” Cameron is yet another Freemason puppet of Hollywood. Though more famous for his sci-fi classics, which promulgate alien and trans-humanism agendas, it’s his non-sci-fi work I find more compelling as propaganda. True Lies (1994) was timely 20th Century Fox propaganda to prep the masses for Zionist Terrorism in the 21st Century, with Islam being the fall guy. A handful of perceptive reviews at the time accused Cameron’s film of conveying strong anti-Arab and anti-Muslim prejudice. They were right, that was the idea the whole time, to sow seeds of xenophobic animosity just in time for something like 9/11 which, in 1994, was drawing closer and closer. Cameron’s other non-sci-fi work, Titanic (1997), probably deserves to be dealt with in a separate post, because there are so many conspiracy theories surrounding the sinking of the RMS Titanic, that the topic has its own Wikipedia page."