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Taxi Driver Chinatown

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Taxi Driver vs. Chinatown

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on 7/15/2021 had this to say:

"Both among the best American films of the 1970s, which is where many of the best American films were made. Both have excellent lead performances. Both have scores that distract. Taxi Driver is a much more unique narrative in comparison to Chinatown´s uncommonly pessimistic detective story and also structurally Taxi Driver is more unpredictable. Despite this Taxi Driver is unfortunately disposable in terms of its technical aspects. There are only a few instances where something cinematographically unique occurs, for the most part the cinematography is nothing to be impressed by. The editing is also very shoddy and disposable. Meanwhile, Chinatown is expertly shot and edited, with almost no cuts and shots wasted. That and also the ending of Taxi Driver is not nearly as memorable as Chinatown´s. "