The Best Movies Starring Tamlyn Tomita

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The Joy Luck Club 1993, 139 min.

Wayne Wang     Starring: France NuyenLauren TomTamlyn Tomita

Drama    Ensemble Film    Family Drama

Down by 5 in the past 45 days 5

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Down by 6 in the past 45 days 6

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Come See the Paradise 1990, 138 min.

Alan Parker     Starring: Dennis QuaidTamlyn TomitaSab Shimono

Drama    Melodrama    Period Film

Down by 25 in the past 45 days 25

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Down by 7 in the past 45 days 7

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The Killing Jar 1997, 101 min.

Evan Crooke     Starring: Brett CullenTamlyn TomitaWes Studi

Horror    Mystery    Psychological Thriller

Down by 60 in the past 45 days 60

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Robot Stories 2003, 85 min.

Greg Pak     Starring: Tamlyn TomitaJames SaitoVin Knight

Comedy Drama    Drama    Psychological Sci-Fi

Down by 62 in the past 45 days 62

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Life Tastes Good 1999, 88 min.

Philip Kan Gotanda     Starring: Sab ShimonoJulia NicksonTamlyn Tomita

Crime    Crime Drama    Drama

Down by 122 in the past 45 days 122

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Vietnam, Texas 1990, 92 min.

Robert Ginty     Starring: Robert GintyHaing S. NgorKieu Chinh

Action    Crime

Held position in the past 45 days

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