Suicide Squad (2016)

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Suicide Squad

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Worst. Heroes. Ever.

Directed By David Ayer Starring Margot Robbie  •  Joel Kinnaman  •  Jared Leto  •  Will Smith  •  Viola Davis Genres Action  •  Based-on-Comics  •  Crime  •  Ensemble Film  •  Fantasy  •  Superhero Film  •  Witchcraft Studios &
DC Comics  •  Academy Award Nominated  •  89th Academy Awards Nominated
Release Info August 4, 2016
Color  •  130 minutes PG13 Rated PG13
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Comments (18)


Koroy on 8/4/2016 Reply  · 

Wow it sucked donkey balls!

4 people liked this  √ 


BigDave on 8/5/2016 Reply  · 

The talent and producers on this movie should be embarrassed. Just awful.

3 people liked this  √ 


Wade92 on 8/5/2016 Reply  · 

Definitely a film that will divide audiences but I thought it was pretty badass. Much closer to the comic books than the the cliffs notes versions that Marvel Studios attempts.

1 person liked this  √ 


TommyDoyle78 on 8/5/2016 Reply  · 

Still truth. I just missed the Fantastic Four, Namor, Hercules, Goliath, Ragnarok, and T-Bolts in """"""""""Civil War"""""""""""".

0 people liked this  √ 


TommyDoyle78 on 8/5/2016 Reply  · 

This is the movie that is going to shut down Rotten Tomatoes? Lol.

1 person liked this  √ 


HorrorHistorian5 on 8/6/2016 Reply  · 

Loved it! Harley and Joker were Great! just wished it dove into the Characters more, but it fit the actual comic source which was great Hope we get to see the crew again with more new faces and a better story!

2 people liked this  √ 


sfsilver on 8/7/2016 Reply  · 

Comedy? Maybe Warners and DC want us to think that, but that is stretching genre credibility.

0 people liked this  √ 


scottyboi08 on 8/7/2016 Reply  · 

The first hour I thought was great, was really beginning to doubt the critics, but then they met the villain and the script went real bad (too much cheese!). It stood out to the point where I cringed multiple times and will forever dread the moment that part of the film arrives when watching it again...
Real shame because it was my most anticipated film for the last 2 years. They removed so much of the original cut I've heard, and I hope we can eventually see them as they were pivotal scenes between Joker and Harley, and gave us more depth to other characters.

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Zebula77 on 8/8/2016 Reply  · 

An uneven mess for sure, but a surprisingly fun and enjoyable one. Will Smith and Margot Robbie were standouts. Villain was basically Zuul from the original Ghostbusters (though not as good).
I'll give it a generous 7/10

1 person liked this  √ 


RussIsHere on 8/8/2016 Reply  · 

An uneven tonal mess. Entertaining enough I suppose (at least when you're drinking while watching) but tough to really recommend to anyone. The cast is mostly fine, it's the behind the scenes stuff that kill this one.

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traceSD on 8/8/2016 Reply  · 

3/5 stars. Some fun in there but some slow parts too. Joker was little disappointing.

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kwlo7 on 8/10/2016 Reply  · 

Tagline: Worst. Heroes. Ever.
should be changed to:
Worst. HeroMovie. Ever.

0 people liked this  √ 


JC13 on 8/11/2016 Reply  · 

It's nothing spectacular, but I had fun with it.

0 people liked this  √ 


Nils98 on 8/12/2016 Reply  · 

And the suicide - pun intended, of course - of the DCEU continues. Maybe it's just me, but a heavily edited 2-hour music video/montage of moments with no intention of crafting actual scenes, is not my idea of a good time.

0 people liked this  √ 


OneFuckTooMany on 8/13/2016 Reply  · 


1 person liked this  √ 


Kersey475 on 8/17/2016 Reply  · 

A step in the right direction for the DCEU as it includes what the 2 previous entries have been SORELY lacking: FUN!

1 person liked this  √ 


Fiction_Fox on 8/17/2016 Reply  · 

I noticed no real issues with tone, pacing, or plot. David Ayer created a much more real-seeming world around all this superhero stuff going on, and I think that's what the DCEU needed after Snyder. It's very accurate to its source material, too. And I know DC doesn't make a lot of great casting decisions like Marvel has, but Margot Robbie has to be their best decision to date. If you're a fan of the Batman Animated Series from the 90s, you're going to absolutely ADORE her. I'm willing to give Joker a chance still; we just didn't get to see enough of him here. In short, when going to see this movie, don't expect a lot of Joker. Don't expect a lot of Batman. Don't expect another Nolan-level masterpiece; nothing will ever meet your expectations then. Expect a lot of Harley Quinn and Deadshot, and expect a "Guardians of the Galaxy" type journey of bad guys bonding and doing some good. It is at that point that you will greatly enjoy this film.

1 person liked this  √ 


Bobert on 9/2/2016 Reply  · 

Newer DC movies = soulless characters

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