Being John Malkovich (1999)

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Being John Malkovich

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Ever wanted to be someone else? Now you can.

Directed By Spike Jonze Starring John Cusack  •  Cameron Diaz  •  John Malkovich  •  Catherine Keener  •  W. Earl Brown Genres Comedy  •  Fantasy Comedy  •  Fantasy  •  Magic Realism  •  Mindbender  •  Workplace Comedy Studios &
Academy Award Nominated  •  The Criterion Collection  •  1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die  •  Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay Nominated  •  Saturn Award for Best Fantasy Film Winning  •  National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Film Winning  •  Satellite Award for Best Film Winning  •  Flickchart Road Trip  •  Complex's 50 Indie Movies You Need to See Before You Die  •  London Film Critics' Circle Award for Film of the Year  •  Slant Magazine's 100 Best Films of the 1990s  •  Slant Magazine's 50 Essential LGBT Films  •  Writers Guild of America's 101 Greatest Screenplays  •  A.V. Club's 50 Best Films of the 90s
Release Info November 24, 1999
Color  •  112 minutes R Rated R
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Being John Malkovich vs. Speed

Being John Malkovich Speed VS.

edwinaac said on 8/29/2018

"One weird if magic film. One a decent action product of its time." more ►

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Being John Malkovich vs. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Being John Malkovich Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind VS.

flicksick said on 2/25/2018

"Both are soooo good! Being John Malkovich touches on far more ideas, but I think Eternal..." more ►

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Comments (3)


JC13 on 4/10/2017 Reply  · 

A unique and original film that I found completely engrossing throughout. Great cast too and I never really knew where the plot would go next. Great film.

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seve24 on 4/14/2017 Reply  · 

Just watched it the second time and yeah it's one of the best films of all time. Truly a masterpiece.

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johnmason on 2/7/2018 Reply  · 

First time for me. Blown away. Best part is, I'm not sure I would have loved this one 18 years ago. Guess I'm catching it at exactly the right time, because it's awesome.

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