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Watchmen vs. Sin City

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on 9/18/2011 had this to say:

"i dont get u ppl these 2 movies are in my top 5 greatest films that came out in the last 5 years i just dont get how u can judge one to be soo much better then the other i dont get how sin city sucks and watchmen is in ur top 20 or watchmen was boring and sin city is the greatest movie ever made these are 2 great films and one should not be dismissed for the other these movies are bolth so great in the acting and action and dialog department there sooo hard to pick a winner but because watchmen is a little bit more thought provoking i give the win to watchmen by the skin of its teeth watcmen wins and BTW i hate u robert rodriguez why the hell didnt u make the spirit with frank miller and help make that film into a masterpice instead of the flaming pile of dung it was why could u help him and make greatness YOU BLANK"