Spider-Man 2 vs. Iron Man



on 7/2/2009

Can't. Decide. I'm gonna stay on this one for hours.

on 7/2/2009

Spiderman 3 made me hate the whole franchise. I can never vote for one of those movies ever. Unless of course it is against Jurassic Park.

on 7/2/2009

Spiderman 3 made me hate the whole franchise. I can never vote for one of those movies ever. Unless of course it is against Jurassic Park.

on 7/7/2009

Unfair to judge Spidey 2 on Spidey 3's performance. Spidey 2 was directed briliantly. I've always thought Ironman was overrated. I still don't see the big deal.

on 7/8/2009

Spider Man 2 was good, but Iron Man was way cooler than Spidey. The movie was really cool, and Tony Stark's personality is way cooler than that of poor Peter Parker.

on 7/10/2009

Wait until Iron Man 2 and then compare that one with SM2

on 7/13/2009

Gotta give it to Spidey 2 I think Iron Man was bogged down by the weight of its own origin story. The Iron Man bits were easily the worst part of the film and as great as Jeff Bridges is he was a lackluster villain.

on 7/13/2009

Alfred Molina as the villain > Jeff Bridges

on 7/13/2009

First time I saw "Spider-Man" was with theater employees illegally screening it early. They laughed their asses off at how terrible the film was and warned all their friends not to see it. All were shocked when it made money. I've got to go with the one that has Robert Downey, Jr. in it, even if the script isn't much superior.

on 7/14/2009

I'm sorry, I HATE Spiderman 2. Poorly acted (except for Alfred Molina, who, even as the main villain, was underused), overly long, dull, cheesy, and occasionally nonsensical. And since we're comparing actors, Robert Downey Jr. over Tobey Macguire any day. (Though the irony that that's probably how they did it in Tropic Thunder is rich....)

on 7/14/2009

Not particularly a fan of either of these but I still don't see all of the hubbub over Iron Man. There was nothing new there.

on 7/14/2009

Personally I think both of these films are a little overrated (they're good fun, but not great... please don't hit me), but I'll give it to Iron Man, if only because Robert Downey Jr. is the perfect Tony Stark.

on 7/16/2009

Iron Man in a no contest. Spider Man II was simply awful.

on 7/16/2009

Robert Downey Jr, is hilarious and Tobey Mcguire is a bit annoying but the final battle scene really hurt Iron Man.

on 7/20/2009

The action scenes in Spider-Man 2 were great but all the stuff with Mary Jane and Aunt May were horrible...

on 7/24/2009

Why does Spider-Man 2 get so much love? It was weak.

on 7/26/2009

All of the Spider Man movies have bored me, so Iron Man wins easily.

on 7/29/2009

I'm going to try to judge Spider-man without the disaster of Spider-man 3. I find these films very similar in the way the story progresses - traumatic event, learn about new powers, develop powers (both do this very humorously), villain turns out to be someone close to them, and big final battle. I sure you can breakdown many first superhero films this way (Batman Begins (except without the funny montage)), but if found these two very similar in tone as well. I do prefer the Peter Parker/Spider-man character to Tony Stark/Ironman, but I think that Tobey Maguire falls short when compared to Robert Downey Jr., and with all of that said I say Ironman.

on 8/5/2009

Arrg, I love Spider-Man 2 so much. I know Iron Man's fun but it's also kind of a mess tonally.

on 8/8/2009

When Spider-Man 2 came out, it became my favorite comic book movie of all time (replacing X2). Since then, of course, it has been eclipsed, but not by Iron Man. Or so I thought. Let's compare. Both movies are actually fairly equal in my mind. Spidey has the better villain; I much prefer Alfred Molina's Doc Ock to Jeff Bridges Obadiah Stane. But compare the heroes: Tobey Maguire is an excellent Peter Parker (SM3 notwithstanding), but Robert Downey Jr. is pitch-perfect as Tony Stark. Again, these two movies are very equal in my mind; it's Downey who gives Iron Man the edge. Iron Man 2 has the potential to be even better.

on 8/17/2009

I loved both Spiderman 1 & 2, but I never get tired of watching Iron Man. I know it's not breaking any new ground, but a film doesn't have to in order to be a great movie, it just has to do it well. That's why I love Iron Man. I t doesn't pretend to be some high class film - it just does what it does really well. Jon Favreau is worth his weight in gold!

on 8/19/2009

in 20 years spiderman 2 is going to be more remembered

on 8/22/2009

Wow, this is a tough one. Both are terrific movies. Spider-Man 2 has the edge with the villain (Alfred Molina did an incredible job with Dr. Octopus), but Iron Man has the edge with a more likable main character (Robert Downey Jr's terrific portrayal of Tony Stark/Iron Man). Gaaaah. I guess Iron Man, since it has a better flow and tempo.

on 8/29/2009

Iron Man caught me by surprise when it first came out. I saw it as part 2 of a drive-in double-feature with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls (the movie I actually wanted to see that night). Iron Man blew it away, and is one of my three favorite superhero movies (The Dark Knight and Batman Begins being the other two.)

on 9/13/2009

Ironman! Although I like the Spiderman movies, I was TOTALLY surprised with how much I liked Ironman.

on 9/18/2009

Ironman, though comic, still has that more somber and serious tone to it that none of the Spider-Man films have and that Nolan's Batman films have in spades. For that, Iron Man wins.

on 9/30/2009

It's actually very close, I love both, but the sentimental sap in me has to go with Spidey. That movie actually involves the emotions as much as the senses. Downey Jr. elevates IM, but it's still a little dry in comparison.

on 10/10/2009

Iron Man is quite possibly the best superhero movie ever made. Spiderman 2 is second, at best.

on 10/14/2009

Iron Man, without a shadow of a doubt. Raimi and co. KINDA got Spider-Man, but Favaeru and Robert Downey truly GOT the character and his world.

on 10/23/2009

Iron Man is the best comic movie yet made, I think. Robert Downey Junior is just an ideal candidate for Stark. Not to say that McGuire isn't a pretty excellent Spider Man, but Iron Man is just spot-on.

on 11/1/2009

Robert is an amazing Iron Man and I love the movie. Everything about it is much better than any Spiderman movie. I might be biased though, since I can't stand Spiderman, at all.

on 11/3/2009

S2 was the best comic book movie at the time it came out. It hit all the right notes and a great villian. It shows how far comic book movies have come with Iron Man. RDJ is the only person that could play Iron Man. Everything about the movie is dead on. Even Jeff Bridges, while not the best villian in comic book movies, certainly is not the worst either. Iron Man is fun, it's not afraid or ashamed of it's roots. Marvel has come along way in the movie business.

on 11/5/2009

Oh, evil, evil flickchart...I'd say Iron Man. Spider-Man 2 was brilliant in almost every way, but was heavy handed at times. Iron Man was able to keep the spirit of the character without being weighed down by melodrama.

on 11/25/2009

If it weren't for Spiderman 3 tainting the whole series this would be no contest. Iron Man is a fun movie, but it's too bland and by-the-book for me.

on 11/29/2009

While Spiderman 2 was pretty great with Toby Maguire and the skilled crafting of Stan Lee, I'd have to go with Iron Man for it's innovative appeal. This was affectively, in my opinion, recognizable as being among the most successful and well executed comic book movie adaptations. Iron Man wins. Can't wait to see number two, the casting only got better it seemed.

on 12/6/2009

How is this even a discussion? Ignoring all else, Iron Man kept closer to the spirit of the comics than Spider Man II.

on 12/7/2009

I have to root for Iron man on this one, sorry Spidey.

on 12/18/2009

Spidey Deux is a well made installment of a gee-whiz franchise. And we've said all there is to say with that. Ironman takes the super-hero film and does many new things, not least of which is having the hero unmask himself at the end. Super heros are devices usually created so that a character can explore 2 facets of their personality separately (a sort of juvenile "if only I could ..." scenario). This usually leads to facile dichotomies and infantile solutions. By unifying Stark and Ironman, this film signals a maturation and hints at complex struggles with challenging resolutions to come. Ironman hands down.

on 12/26/2009

Easy: Ironman. Better a jerk than a whiner.

on 1/3/2010

Both are in my top 10 of comic book flicks, but Iron Man is just so much better because of Robert Downey Jr.


on 1/10/2010

Iron Man. He doesn't let some annoying chick hold him back. Plus, it rocks!

on 1/20/2010

Since we know know there will be no more Maguire/Raimi Spidey movies, I'm weighing in to defend S2. A truly great comic book film with far more heart than Iron Man; I think people might bitch a little less about Spidey 3 when Iron Man 2 comes out. It doesn't look good to me.

on 2/24/2010

Tough one... I'll go with Iron Man because it was a great surprise, I thought it was gonna suck and now is on my top 3 of super-hero movies.

on 3/20/2010

Oh, jerfilmfan, I'm so hoping you're wrong about Iron Man 2 (and, based on the trailers I've seen, I think you are). Meanwhile, I still say Spidey 2 rocks, but after another viewing of Iron Man, I still have to go with Stark. (Now, I really need to watch Spidey 2 again....)

on 3/25/2010

Iron Man all the way. Both are good, but Robert Downey Jr. makes Tony Stark seem like a real person instead of a character, something Toby Maguire didn't do for me.

on 4/3/2010

Everyone goes with Iron Man just because of Robert Downey Jr., who indeed is perfectly casted as the very entertaining Tony Stark. In that debate, yes, RDJ is greater than Tobey Maguire. However, as a film as a whole, Spiderman 2 kicks ass. It is so much better than Iron Man which has huge plot holes and a dumb villain. Doctor Octopus is an awesome villain and Alfred Molina brought so much to the character. I would go as far to say Spiderman 2 is easily one of the top 3 comic films ever put to the screen

on 7/8/2010

I have to go with Iron Man because I personally think that Spiderman is a wimp and that Iron Man is cool with his awesome robot suit. The second Spiderman movie was an okay sequel to the first Spiderman and Dr. Octavius was well portrayed but the Mary Jane issues just get boring after a while. The first Iron Man movie was awesome and my favorite part was when Tony Stark was captured and made his own robot suit out of scraps.

on 8/31/2010

Spider Man 2 is the best of the series. Character development, story connections to part 1, great action... Spidey has it all.

on 10/5/2010

I dont know I didn't really find either to be that great. But Spider-Man 2 for me is the better film just because Iron Man had a fairly thin plot.

on 10/24/2010

Two of the greatest Comic Book Films ever made forced to do battle! I have to go with Spider-Man 2, Sam Raimi is at the top of his game, Alfred Molina is Doc Ock, and the action and story are both top notch. Iron Man is also great, but it is the origin story, Robert Downey Jr. and the suit would be the only bright spots for me.

on 10/24/2010

Raindrops! That is all. No wait, one more thing: Kirsten Dunst is just a tad less annoying than Gwyneth Paltrow.

on 11/2/2010

Too easy it is SPIDERMAN 2! The best comic book movie.

on 11/2/2010

Iron Man....all the way!

on 11/2/2010

Iron Man....all the way!

on 11/21/2010

Spider-man is not only an awful movie but it has made me lose faith in the once amazing Sam Rami. Iron Man on the other hand was actually entertaining and written very well. A much better super hero movie

on 3/21/2011

Wow, without a doubt a battle right at the top. Probably THE two best adaptation films of all-time. How to choose??? Both RDJ and Tobey are PERFECT in their roles and both supporting casts are exceptional. SM2 delivered better action. IM was more intelligent. Both deliver superb emotion.

on 4/23/2011

Iron Man by far. I've always felt Spider-Man 2 was overrated; a lot of the goofy crap that everyone hates in 3 was also in 2. They go so far out of their way to try to make you feel bad for Peter it ends up being ridiculous. Also, the whole "I'm giving up being a hero" story was played out when they first did it in Superman 2 (at least when TDK did it, they didn't linger on it as a major plot point too long). Iron Man, on the other hand, was almost perfect (even if it's just the standard origin story plot, and it has a weak final battle; RDJ makes up for all of that).

on 5/13/2011

what is this? I love Iron man!

on 8/3/2011

These are 2 of my favorite superhero movies, but I gotta go with Iron Man. Iron Man was funny, intense, and exciting. Spider Man 2 failed with the humor aspect, and while it was very good, it occasionally became bogged down by the romance and his relationship with Aunt May. Iron Man for me.

on 8/4/2011

It's funny, if I were judging these films on the movies that they spawned, both wouldn't be doing so hot. I hated Spidey 3 and IM2. But as is, I've gotta give "Spider-Man 2" the edge. Molina's character is a great villain whereas Jeff Bridges, though awesome, isn't quite cut out for a comic book villain.

on 8/4/2011

I hated Iron Man, I really did. It took too long to get anywhere and the story just kept on dragging and therefore being completely overrated for me. SP2 had a smooth pace and plenty of action and great characters to keep it flowing along.

on 9/18/2011

Even after a summer of great Marvel character films, these two gems stand the test of time. Hard to top 10/10 films or even match them. Love both of these movies.


on 9/18/2011

Spiderman for me

on 9/18/2011

why do people hate spider man 3 i like it

on 9/27/2011

Iron Man was really good but Spider-Man 2 is one of the best comic book movies out there. It's funny, intense, and emotional.

on 10/4/2011

I think the first Spiderman was better than the second. Don't really like either of these movies that much, I find myself wanting Dark Knight, X2 and Sin City. Have to go with Iron Man though.

on 4/14/2012

Spider-man 2 is far superior than the overrated Iron Man.

on 4/14/2012

Iron Man is great, but I do believe it's value is blown way out of proportion. Strong action flick? Yes. One of the best films of 2008? No. I can understand an argument for Iron Man being the better film of the two, but I personally feel that Spider-Man 2 is superior (Even though Iron Man is better than the other two spider-man movies- which shouldn't play a role in the discussion anyway).

on 5/21/2012

Iron Man is the second best Marvel film only to Avengers.

on 6/17/2012

Iron Man is a great film made better by the superb performance of Robert Downey Jr. He is also the only good thing to happen to its sequel :P

on 7/6/2012

Iron Man was better overall, Spidey had some problems which are more difficult to ignore.

on 7/7/2012

I enjoy both films. This is a tough call. I'd put Iron Man above Spider-man 3 easily, but this 2nd Raimi Spidey film is my favorite of the 3 due to Alfred Molina's superb approach to Doc Ock. He took the crazed lunatic from the comic books and turned him into a fallen angel. Sheer genius approach to a character that even with the script given, could have easily been a laughing stock in the wrong hands. Bridges' Obadiah pales in comparison. Iron Man might have more bells and whistles but Spidey 2 has pathos and charm and humor and suspense. The first act of Iron Man drags as we must slave through his origin story. Spidey 2 captures Peter's world, shows us his highs and lows and makes us feel a part of it all. I'll watch either film at the drop of a hat, but I feel better inside after Spidey 2 than I do after Iron Man 1, and so by a slim margin Spidey 2 wins.

on 8/22/2012

Almost too close to call. Iron Man has a tighter script, better performances throughout, and a much more charismatic star. Spider-Man 2 is full of "aww shucks" sentimentality (as much as IM is filled with cynicism), but that fits the comic book source material. In the end, I think I'll give this to Iron Man for now since it's the movie I'd rather watch again right away.

on 11/15/2012

Both films are overrated, but I think Iron Man is the clear winner.

on 2/5/2013

These are STILL two of the best of all-time especially factoring solo characters. Amazing films both. RDJ and Tobey are the bench marks and that point was driven home more after Garfield's reather average attempt at playing Peter Parker in the reboot.

on 2/6/2013

I never was a huge Spidey fan. Iron Man on the other hand kicks a serious amount of ass.

on 4/27/2013

Interesting; I used to be a Spider-Man fan when I was younger, but I think I'd lean more in favour of Iron Man these days; the script manages to be both spicey and heartfelt without ever being overly sentimental. Spider-Man 2 is almost certainly the best of the Raimi trilogy, and definitely has the better villain of the two films, but Iron Man is a more charismatic hero. They are very different films tackling different superhero personas, but I'd much rather watch Iron Man on any given day. Iron Man wins.

on 6/19/2013

I think Iron Man takes this one.

on 8/4/2013

I truly DO NOT understand the hype behind Spider Man 2. Iron Man

on 11/25/2013

Very close; even though I adore RDJ, SM2 was the more gripping film.

on 11/25/2013

spider man 2 was the best out of all 4 but all of them were crappy including spider man 2 and then we have a ok movie iron man 2 which is the worst out of the franchise but it dosent mean i hate iron man so i would probaly go with spider man 2 because iron man just down like as much

on 12/16/2013

iron man is the third best marvel movie

on 4/10/2014

I choose Spider Man 2

on 8/17/2014

This isn't even a comparison The Spider-Man trilogy wiil always be the best super-heroes movies ever made.

on 9/23/2014


on 2/6/2015

Spiderman 2

on 2/6/2015

Spiderman 2

on 2/9/2015

Spider-Man 2 is 2nd best comic's adaptation, Hellboy 2 is the best

on 7/12/2016


on 8/24/2016

Two truly great genre defining and changing movies. Masterful each in their own way.

on 8/26/2017

Spiderman 2

on 8/26/2017

Iron Man is the only MCU instalment that is in my top 100 but Spider-Man is my favourite comic book movie of all time. It's such a joy to watch that doesn't only improve off the first in every way but there's enough drama and originality to it to make it stand as a great movie!

on 9/3/2017

Honest to God two of the best 100 movies ever made. Maybe 50.


on 5/23/2018

Difficult choice and Spider-Man 2 spins its web for the win. These are the two best marvel movies..

on 12/6/2018

Iron Man is far entertaintain well being, and as original Spider-Man trilogy never impressed me.

on 1/11/2019

Close, but Spidey take it!

on Apr 2

Spider-Man 2 is good, but Iron Man is the well better good movie of MCU.

on Apr 2

Spider-Man 2 is good, but Iron Man is the well better good movie of MCU.

on Apr 2

Spider-Man 2 is good, but Iron Man is the well better good movie of MCU.

on Apr 2

Spider-Man 2 is good, but Iron Man is the well better good movie of MCU.

on Apr 2

Spider-Man 2 is good, but Iron Man is the well better good movie of MCU.