Spider-Man 2 vs. Elf



on 8/15/2009

I don't like Spider Man 2 as much as most. I love Elf though.

on 10/15/2011

Elf is just a more fun movie. The action in spider man 2 is great as is the whole movie but Elf is just such a great movie.

on 10/15/2011

Spiderman 2 is one of the best superhero movies ever, and elf is cute. Spiderman 2 wins.

on 10/15/2011

Elf is horrible. What do people see in it? Truly one of the most grating movie experiences that I have endured.

on 7/27/2013

Elf is hilarious. But Spider-Man 2 is quite possibly the best superhero movie ever made. Gotta go with Spidey 2.

on 7/27/2013

I'll take Spidey.

on 7/27/2013

I'll also go Spidey....but I'm sad to say that I'm not a huge fan of either....

on 7/27/2013

Elf is cute, and often quite funny. It's still about a half a notch below Spider-Man 2, however.

on 5/20/2014

Spider-Man is my favourite superhero and this film is so entertaining for me and it also very nostalgic. I used to watch it all the time as a kid. I do prefer the original Tobey Maguire one though. Elf is quite a bad movie and shouldn't be loved.

on 5/20/2014

Spidey easily

on 6/25/2014

Definitely did not expect this to be a contentious match-up. Going with Elf because, as much as I like Spider-Man 2, I'll take Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel over Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst.

on 6/26/2014

Spider-Man 2 is one of the greatest comic book movies ever made and is also among some of my favorite movies so it easily wins. Elf is a movie that I got tired of really fast growing up even though a lot of people insisted it was a "holiday classic".

on 8/31/2016

I'm gonna take Elf. Spider-Man 2 is the shiz but I love Elf too much.

on 9/3/2016

Elf! It's hilarious!