Game Night vs. Kingsman: The Golden Circle



on 5/24/2018

Game Night takes it for me. Very creative. Fun, funny moments, and smart writing. I really enjoyed Game Night. Kingsman 2 was also good, but felt like more of the same.


on 5/24/2018

Game Night was a breath of fresh air instead of a slightly stale sequel.

on 5/26/2018

I might have liked Game Night better had I seen it before all the hype surrounding it came about. It's good and all, but it ain't all that. Still, it's better than both Kingsman movies.

on 5/27/2018

Game Night was a better comedy AND action movie. You'd think that Kingsman 2 would be a better action and comedy film and that Game Night would turn out to be another standard generic American comedy, yet it turns out that it's the complete opposite. Game Night was extremely competent with how well made it was, whereas Kingsman 2 was a completely incompetent disaster, that fell short in pretty much every single aspect of filmmaking possible.

on 8/30/2018

Game Night is one of the best of the year so far. Imaginative and funny. I dislike Kingsman 2 the more I watch and think about it...