The Avengers vs. The Cabin in the Woods



on 5/6/2012

These two movies blew me away completely. I gotta give it to Avengers here though. It's amazing.

on 5/6/2012

These two movies were amazing. The avengers wins. It was beyond my expectations.

on 5/20/2012

Avengers has some good characterisation, but the plot annoyed me. Cabin has the better story, and is a lot more unique.

on 6/17/2012

Our Joss is an awesome Joss.

on 6/17/2012

Cabin in the Woods. It's unique and extremely surprising.

on 6/17/2012

Cabin in the Woods. It's unique and extremely surprising.

on 7/6/2012

The Avengers its one of the most memorable films within its genre, while Cabin is very good, but it doesn't reach The Avengers' level.

on 8/27/2012

Cabin, both great but Avengers was subject to blockbuster structure and formula while Cabin was meta movie that not only paid homage to horror movies but redefined what you could do with the genre, hopefully new horror movies learn from it

on 8/27/2012

The best two movies from this past summer....Avengers just slips by...

on 9/8/2012

Cabin in the Woods was a much needed shot in the arm for the horror genre, whereas The Avengers dumbed down the comic genre. No contest.

on 9/9/2012

Stick to meta-horror Joss.

on 9/27/2012

Cabin in the Woods.

on 10/4/2012

I could call these movies equally good...but even in that case I'd prefer the lighter side of Joss Whedon, thanks.

on 10/5/2012

While Avengers is the best non-Batman comic book movie I've ever seen, Cabin in the Woods is still an even better time. Wouldn't you like to see a merman?

on 1/7/2013

Both movies are some of the best of their year. However, I'm more of a horror fanatic than a superhero fanatic, so I'll have to go with Cabin in the Woods.

on 1/16/2013

I just saw Cabin, and thought it was more entertaining than Avengers, although I'd probably rather watch Avengers more often. Cabin plays like an extra demented episode of Buffy. I would have preferred a "happier" ending - basically the whole movie can be chalked up as an ode to Illuminati ritual sacrifice, or maybe a deconstruction of it, I'm not too sure, as the same themes pop up in Whedon's ouvre and I can't tell which side he's on. "We do the best we can with what we have" Ha! Is it really that hard to find a young virgin? It's not that hard to find an OLD virgin (although no one will admit to it). What a jackass you are sometimes, Whedon, it would have been more interesting if she was. Or you just wanted to be a smart-ass? Yeah, that's why it ended the way it did. And this a *Cabin in the Woods*, man, why didn't anyone bring any firearms? Or was it set in a blue state?

on 2/4/2013

Well, I liked both of these movies, but I don't think Cabin is unique. It felt to me like a mash-up of Evil Dead and Scream (though it had an interesting ending), and if being considered original is just putting together the ideas of two other movies, that's a bit sad. To end this comment on a more positive note, I really enjoyed pretty much every scene in the Avengers, and hope the sequel is even better.

on 7/10/2013

I admit I found both movies to bring out interesting ideas and explored interesting concepts that haven't been attempted before. I honestly respect both movies for what they do. However, in terms of the enjoyment factor, I honestly prefer "The Avengers" than "The Cabin in the Woods". When watching "The Avengers", I was enjoying every scene in that movie. I was really engaged in the characters, scenes, and overall had a blast with this film. However, when watching "The Cabin in the Woods", while I did think it did some more interesting things in certain aspects. I never really did enjoy the movie as much despite bringing out something unique ideas to the cinema world. I believe both of these films to be great works of cinema but I honestly prefer "The Avengers" in this comparison.

on 8/7/2013

Both pretty great, but Avengers is greater.

on 8/7/2013

I was very surprised with how much I loved Cabin. I'm now totally convinced I should watch Firefly. CITW is my choice.

on 8/16/2013

Sorry Avengers, Cabin has to win.

on 8/19/2013

Two fun films from 2012. Avengers wins.

on 10/27/2013

While I don't think that Cain In the Woods is the new Scream, nothing is, it is still a good film and is better than the Avengers.

on 10/27/2013

Love both of these so very much

on 3/12/2014

Cabin in the Woods is an amazing horror film, but it can't topple over Avengers.

on 3/13/2014

I didnt dig Advengers as much as I hoped but i was pleasantly suprised with Cabin in the Woods Id honestly watch it again before Id give Advengers another go so that being said I say Cabin

on 4/18/2014

Cabin has better dialogue and pacing. It would easily get the win here if it weren't for that fucking awful ending.

on 11/22/2014

Wow, I'm actually kind of surprised how close this is. Don't get me wrong, I at least enjoyed both, and it's testament to Joss Whedon's talent and work ethic that he can get two films in different genres released in the same year that work well on their own merits whilst also providing a refreshing change of scene from many of the tropes that drag down a lot of their contemporaries. But surely this is no contest; The Avengers is just too big, loud, triumphant and entertaining for Cabin to bring down. It's probably the best non-Batman comic-book superhero film to have been released to date (though Marvel has released some pretty close contenders in recent years with Guardians of the Galaxy and the like) and aside from taking a while to get going, the film earns its bombastic finale with quirky banter, good pacing and character building and a complete understanding of both the source material it was based on and the universe-building films in the franchise which came before it. A rare example of equal triumph both from a creative and a business standpoint in Hollywood filmmaking, which looks set to get better as the MCU progresses. Cabin in the Woods is a great genre deconstruction exercise as well as having an overall premise which, despite effectively being the result of a three-way between Evil Dead, Scream and (to a certain extent) The Truman Show, still managed to keep me entertained and intrigued throughout. But as an entertainment experience combined with solid filmmaking in all departments, The Avengers is just too big to be toppled in this matchup.

on 11/24/2014

I love Joss Whedon's work but I just hated everything about Cabin in the Woods. I'm just not a horror genre fan.

on 12/13/2014

Cabin in the woods for sure.

on 12/13/2014

Cabin in the Woods, easy one for me

on 7/2/2016

Cabin is just so much more fun, and that's saying something.

on 7/2/2016

Even Whedon would vote for Avengers.

on 10/1/2017

Cabin all the way. It's just way smarter and funnier. Too bad Joss Whedon is wasting his talent with this superhero crap.

on 10/4/2017

No, it's too bad Joss Whedon turned out to be such an asshat in real life. Such talent jammed in to such an ugly soul.

on 3/19/2018

The Avengers, even with its slow second act, still delivers much more than The Cabin in the a Woods.

on 3/17/2019

Avengers is best of 2012.

on 3/17/2019

Avengers is best of 2012.

on 3/17/2019

Cabin in the the way it plays with horror tropes and turns a basic, cliched slasher/undead horror movie into an epic Lovecraftian film. The Avengers is a good time and I actually have it ranked reasonably high, but it's basically a good Iron Man, Thor, Hulk etc sequel following a winning formula...nothing really new or unique about it.