The Avengers vs. Batman & Robin



on 5/22/2012

Wow, comic book movies have come a long way in the last 15 years...

on 5/22/2012

There's not a single reason of why I would choose Batman & Robin over The Avengers.

on 2/10/2013

It's funnier...? Probably not.

on 2/11/2013

The hate -- bring it on.

on 2/11/2013

PiccoloKing, I think I'm getting this Emperor Palpatine vibe from you. "Goood, gooood, let the hate flow through you." But okay, I'm curious, what are your reasons for liking B&R better than the Avengers?

on 2/24/2014

The only good thing about Batman and robinwas Mr Freeze-wish Posion Ivy had mory action and well I guess the end with Bruce and Alfred was great but it cant compare to the epic that was The Avengers

on 5/6/2015

Such a hard decision.

on 5/6/2015

SquareMaster, we can do it.

on 5/6/2015

The Avengers without question.

on 5/6/2015

I found absolutely nothing good about Batman and Robin...

on 12/3/2018

Avengers is certainlty far better and while as it crushes the worst Batman movie the series.

on 12/4/2018


on 12/5/2018

Honestly I just thought that Batman and Robin was much more interesting. That may seem like a massive troll to Marvel but I actually didn't find Batman and Robin to be that terrible honestly.