Back to the Future vs. The Blair Witch Project



on 8/11/2013

I don't see how this is a matchup. One is a fantasy thriller while the other is a psychological horror film. Still I'd go for BTTF, but don't get me wrong I rate BWP highly as well.

on 8/11/2013

BTTF by far, but I do plan on giving Blair Witch Project another chance.

on 10/23/2014

I like to judge films based on how well they can be viewed as standalone films. Blair Witch terrifies me to this day, but I still watch it because I can't get enough. The Back to the Future trilogyis decade-defining, but I believe Blair Witch is generationally-defining, much like Fight Club. Man, 1999 was a great year for cinema!

on 6/20/2018

BTTF mugs Blair Witch...