Interstellar vs. Whiplash



on 1/24/2015

Whiplash blew my freaking mind, but Interstellar is still my favorite film from 2014.

on 1/25/2015

Both among the best of 2014 for me. Each had some amazing scenes of tension, great music, fantastic acting, and kept me completely engaged the whole way through. Slight edge to Interstellar,

on 1/25/2015


on 1/25/2015

Whiplash by far

on 3/3/2015

Both kept me engaged the entire movie. I would stop on both if I were flipping through channels. But which one to choose?

on 3/4/2015

Interstellar, because it was bold and stunning. I didn't find any problem with the story either.

on 3/4/2015

Both are incredible and were a couple of my favorites from 2014. If I had to pick one I would say Interstellar.

on 3/4/2015

I'd take Whiplash without a second thought...

on 3/9/2015

My two favorites from 2014, but Interstellar gets the slight edge.

on 6/25/2015

I loved them both. They both need a second viewing. For now it's Interstellar.

on 7/11/2015

Whiplash, though Interstellar was amazing, Whiplash is my favourite of 2014

on 11/23/2016


on 12/11/2016


on 12/6/2018

I don't even.... Interstellar>Whiplash

on 12/6/2018

Whiplash is a modern masterpiece. Great acting, intense and very compelling. Interstellar... it's decent but I'm not as big on it as everyone else is

on 12/7/2018

Characters? Not important?