Licence to Kill vs. Thunderball



on 3/18/2012

Sean is and will always be the best Bond!

on 4/2/2012

Two great Bond films with one different actor in the lead role. I know what to go with.

on 10/29/2012

This is actually much closer for me than the casual fan. LTK is basically the movie that "Live and Let Die" should have been and I think quite highly of Dalton's performances as 007. "Thunderball" has some great stuff, but it's also kind of bloated and not very urgent for a movie involving the nuclear blackmail of the Western world.

on 11/11/2012

Thunderball is not as strong as Connery in the lead would have you presume; Timothy Dalton is criminally underrated. Though LTK is the most "Americanized" action Bond has participated in, it's still very good.

on 8/11/2013

Both are great Bond films. I love the story of both and the darkness of LTK. Overall I prefer Thunderball, but these are two of the most underrated Bond films.

on 11/19/2017

Far less conflicted now than I was last time I chimed in; THUNDERBALL has a few elements I genuinely love, but overall I've stopped caring for it. LICENCE TO KILL is fantastic.