The Evil Dead vs. An American Werewolf in London



on 8/9/2018

Two very good horror movies from 1981. I will go with An American Werewolf in London even though I should rewatch it.

on 10/5/2018

Two great movies, but it's not a super hard pick for me. Bruce Campbell is a charismatic lead, but Ash didn't really find his legs as a character until Evil Dead 2. So I'm gonna go with Werewolf!

on 10/18/2018

Both super dark yet super funny at times overall I like AWL more and its a better film.

on Apr 13

It’s easily the Werewolf


on Apr 13

Werewolf of London by a long shot.

on Apr 16

An American Werewolf In London by a longshot, just for the transformation scene.