Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace vs. The Wizard of Oz



on 11/15/2009

How can you compare ground breaking Oz to the hackey Episode 1? You don't Nuff said.

on 7/2/2010

I may be alone in this and cinephiles (is that a word? firefox says no) will want to burn me at the stake, but I really don't find much to like in Wizard of Oz. At least Phantom Menace has lightsabers.

on 7/10/2013

This is odd of me, but I just don't much care for Wizard of Oz. I would rather see Jar Jar Binks than the Cowardly Lion.

on 7/10/2013

Yeah, I don't really care much for Oz, but it sure as hell is better than Episode I.

on 7/10/2013

I too don't think too highly of Wizard of Oz. It was a fun ride, had some nice characters but honestly, "the greatest fantasy film ever" Really? Nevertheless, it does absolutely thrash the god awful, cinematic disappointment that is Episode I. To keep it nice and short, I agree with JC13