Ace Ventura: Pet Detective vs. The Mask



on 7/23/2009

Hmm, duel of the early Jim Carrey movies... Gotta go with Ace Ventura.

on 12/1/2009

I agree with Shaneman, Ace Ventura over The Mask easily.

on 2/4/2010

I haven't seen either of these for a while but I remember liking Ace better.

on 9/27/2010

i would have to disagree with you kind gentlemen whereas i belive james carreys better cinematic masterpiece was "The Mask" thank you for your time.

on 5/10/2011

Jim Carrey is at his manic best in The Mask, whereas in Ace Ventura he seems stuck playing against animals.

on 6/16/2011

two awesome movies which one do I pick

on 6/10/2012

This really isn't a fair fight. Even at 9 years old I knew The Mask was a vastly superior movie.

on 12/20/2012

Whenever I think of Jim Carrey, The Mask comes to mind. That was an Oscar-worthy performance. Even Robert Paulsen would agree with this.

on 4/10/2014

The Mask. It just never gets old for me.

on 4/13/2014

Ace Ventura Aces all over The Mask

on 4/10/2017

Carrey is better in The Mask, but I liked Ace Ventura slightly more due to the fun finale. Don't really care for either movie overall though.

on 5/1/2017

The Mask wins this one. I just love that movie.


on 4/1/2018

The Mask is Carrey at the top of his game.