Thor: Ragnarok vs. Deadpool



on 11/8/2017

Tough.....I think Deadpool

on 11/9/2017

Thor was far more complex with actual consequences. More fun without the need for the lowest common denominator. Deadpool is a fun "R" rated cartoon of a movie but nothing more.

on 11/9/2017

Complex? Falcon is a satirical genius. Let us all enjoy him while he is still able to crack wise.

on 11/9/2017

Falcon speaketh the truth.

on 11/10/2017

Doth mother know you weareth her drapes? Anyway, Thor is WAY better than Deadpool.

on 11/10/2017

*Complex*. Laughs. Still miles better than Deadpool though.

on 11/11/2017

Thor: Ragnarok is why they invented cinema. Deadpool is why they invented pegging.

on 11/11/2017

Two mediocre movies that AREN'T the reason why cinema was created. Both of them rely more on colours, jokes and music rather than substance, good stories and well written characters. How is Suckarock is considered a complex masterpiece with actual consequences, again? Don't you need substance, social commentary and depth to be complex (and Suckarock has none of that)?

on 11/11/2017

Thor: Ragnarok is the best blockbuster movie of 2017. Deadpool was a fun February movie that surprised but wasn't as great as any of the Thor films.

on 11/14/2017

Deadpool has more heart, oddly enough. Ragnarok is easily the best solo Thor movie, but solidly middle-tier MCU. Reynolds and Hemsworth are both funny guys, though.

on 11/19/2017

I really like Deadpool, but it blew its best load in the 1st act and thus the rest of the movie just can't measure up. THor Ragnarok gets the edge for being awesome and fun throughout.

on 12/12/2017

Deadpool. Other than Hulk I found Ragnarok kind of disappointing. I saw after everyone else did, and all my friends were saying how funny the film was, and I was like fuck yeah can't wait. Unfortunately it wasn't as funny as people said it was. As far as funny MCU movies go "The Avengers" "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Ant-Man" had way better jokes, and thus made them more enjoyable IMO. Thor 3 is overrated. But still the second best Thor movie Thor Thor: Ragnarok Thor: The Dark World

on 12/30/2017

Thor is light-years ahead. Real consequences to go along with its humor, fun and action. Deadpool is... Deadpool. Unique but one note.


on 9/13/2018

Thor hammers Deadpool.

on 9/14/2018

Thor Ragarok had it's awesome entertaining moments and while Deadpool is nothing..