Mission: Impossible - Fallout vs. Mission: Impossible



on 7/28/2018

The franchise just gets better and better.

on 7/28/2018

Unpopular opinion, but I'd put these two on a pretty equal footing with each other. If anything, I actually give the slight edge to the first Mission: Impossible, as I enjoy its unique identity more than M:I - Fallout's continuation of the previous installments (as solid a formula as they are). The stunts may be bigger and better in 6, but to me, only the Burj Khalifa scene in M:i - GP tops the break-in to the CIA from one. Love them both (and this franchise), but it's just going to 1 this time.

on 8/1/2018

Everything TheKippfather said makes sense to me. The farther we get away from the first MISSION, the more impressed I become by how uniquely moody it is. Someone recently (on Twitter, maybe? I can't recall) characterized it as a European art house spy film, and that made perfect sense to me when I heard it. The one thing I'll give FALLOUT isn't the escalation of stunts or action, but rather that I appreciate how we've seen Ethan grow to care about other people. In that first MISSION, he's so defensive and suspicious throughout that he felt dispassionate to me. Starting with M:I-2, though, empathy and compassion became central to his character, and I think that's an underrated element in the franchise's success.

on 8/2/2018

Fallout is a step down from the last two films but better than the original.

on 8/4/2018

A couple unpopular opinions. 1. The original is one of my favourites of the franchise. It’s a great spy thriller that requires you to pay attention and the Langley sequence goes without saying. 2. I didn’t love Fallout. In fact, after M:I 2, its my least favourite of the franchise. The story is just generic, clichéd and predictable. There’s no tension (while the first is filled with tension and excitement). And the characters, as well as the actors, get no chance to shine after the last 2 had great and memorable characters. It’s a bland and unmemorable film in a franchise that is anything but bland and unmemorable. Even M:I 2, the worst film in the franchise, had personality and was very interesting. They got a risk with the style of that film, even though it may have been a pretty bad style. Fallout is just everything you’ve seen before... again. I still gave it a pass, though. Why? Because I’m insane and the filmmaking (in particular the stuntwork) is still fantastic, as expected. The original wins!

on 6/11/2019

I liked the first one more

on 6/11/2019

Fallout wins...

on 6/11/2019

Fallout, and come on worse than MI 2?

on 6/12/2019

I have warmed up more to Fallout since posting that earlier comment but, yeah, I'm still picking the original!

on 6/12/2019

Fair enough.

on 6/13/2019

Fallout had more tenderness better than the forgettable original film.