Made in Britain vs. Ali: Fear Eats the Soul



on 11/19/2012

We got a movie about a British teen skinhead vs. a movie about a Moroccan immigrant in Germany who hooks up with an old woman. Both of these are social commentary flicks. Since I've never lived in either Germany or England, let alone during the time the films were released, I can't comment on how effective the commentary is. But, they are about typical issues, like racism and rampaging teenagers. Tim Roth plays an entertaining skinhead. I guess Made in Britain is more focused on the commentary aspect, while Ali: Fear Eats the Soul has a bit more of a story. Made in Britain just shows Roth being an asshole regardless of how strenuously the authorities try to point out the error of his ways. Ali deals with bigotry, ageism, envy and human relationships. Which probably gives it more depth.