Godzilla vs. King Kong



on 3/27/2010

Now this is epic...

on 10/17/2010

Love both, but Godzilla has always been my favorite movie monster.

on 10/20/2011

Now this is a classic showdown. East vs West, Reptile vs Mamal, Science Fiction vs Adventure. Ah........ sweet nostalgia. Both films are great in differnt ways; Gojira (I refuse to call it by anyother name) is an allegory for nuclear war and its potential for golbal destruction. With very fine performances, moral ambiguity, and intense camera work that makes one shutter at a man in a rubber suit, Gojira is not just a classic monster film, but rather a classic foriegn film on par with Animal Farm (1954). King Kong, on the other hand, revolutionized cinema with groundbreaking sepcial effects, fantastic score, and one of the greatest climaxs of all time. While yes the acting is sometimes typical 1930's Hollywood and dialogue dated, this film has gone on to be one of the best popcorn films of all time. As good as Gojira is, King Kong will always have a soft spot in my heart for years to come. King Kong wins, in this match up and in King Kong vs. Godzilla.

on 12/26/2012

I actually like Godzilla movies more when they started cranking up the cheesiness to obscene levels and they started getting technically "worse". King King doesn't do much for me either. One of those cases where I can see why the movies are "important", but that doesn't motivate me much.

on 6/30/2017

Kong may be King but he's not God.


on 7/26/2018

Finally watched Gojira. Gotta say I expected more. Kong is a better creature feature of the "time".