Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull vs. X-Men: The Last Stand



on 11/16/2009

this is the ultimate "would you rather". would you rather eat a turd or drink a glass of puke?

on 12/3/2009

both bad. the army ants in Crystal Skull were pretty good, though.

on 4/28/2010

X3 was rushed through production which excuses some failings. Lucas took his sweet time turning a Darabont script into a turd. I wish Flickchart would just stop trying to find out what might be worse than Indy 4. What a waste of time.

on 7/10/2011

I guess I've just seen a lot of really awful movies because these are only middle-of-the-pack for me. I actually liked "The Last Stand" more than "X-Men" or "X2," believe it or not. And silliness aside, I was fine with "Crystal Skull." It's grown on me.

on 4/10/2014

and the stupidest comment award goes to corey!

on 4/30/2014

The Last Stand is a movie that should have been better. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a movie that should never have happened.

on 4/4/2016

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

on 1/10/2018

Where two series went down hill. Neither are terrible, but neither are good. I tolerate Indiana Jones 4 more I guess.

on 1/29/2019

At least X3 was well made. They may have killed off characters and failed at Dark Phoenix but it’s got some fun to be had.