Friday the 13th Part III vs. Jason X



on 6/13/2010

I like the older Friday the 13th movies better. Although Jason X does have perhaps Jason's best kill (liquid nitrogen is involved).

on 6/17/2013

Even though about 1,000,000 people hate this movie, I really enjoyed it. Now please don't grab your torches and pitchforks and find out where I live. It's only my opinion!

on 6/17/2013

Oh darn, I forgot! I was talking about Jason X! But no matter what, I like part 3 better.

on 6/17/2013

I also like the older Friday the 13th movies. Part 6 is my absolute favorite; Rambo Jason has a soft spot in my heart. Jason X was a horrible piece of garbage. Part 3 had some really cheesy, but enjoyable, 3D effects. That eye-popping scene is real hilarious. Part 3D gets my vote, but Jason beating the slut out of two naked women that are in sleeping bags is always a great plus.

on 6/21/2013

The franchise went downhill right after the first one. I agree with every other comment so far that FRIDAY THE 13th, PART 3 is better than the horrible JASON X. It's nice to see that people are still just as stupid in the future as they were in the 1970's.

on 9/14/2013

Close, but ultimately I'm going with Jason X. Part 3 is the most overrated entry in the series.

on 9/15/2013

Jason X. But neither are remotely memorable...

on 2/16/2014

FT13th III has many iconic moments. Jason X has the nitrogen smash kill. FT13th III is better.

on 4/16/2014

Jason X is by far the worst in the series so number 3 it is

on 6/24/2015

Jason X is so over the top and ridiculous that it is actually great.

on 1/31/2016

Jason X is so bad...that the utter crap known as Friday the 13th Part 3 beats it.

on 5/13/2016

I kinda of loathes Part III, but it still beats X.

on 6/30/2018

Neither are good. Three wins

on 7/4/2018

I actually really enjoy Part 3. I like the setting, the final girl, and the fact that Jason gets his hockey mask. It is probably my 3rd favorite in the series so it beats Jason X quite easily.