Friday the 13th Part III vs. Friday the 13th Part II



on 1/19/2012

Sorry Shelly, you are beaten by resourceful Ginny and terrifying sack-mask Jason.

on 9/10/2013

Part 2 for me as well. Part 3 overused the crap out of those "false scares". And the film just wasn't funny. Part 2 had the much more likeable characters and that (unintentionally?) hilarious climax with the dog. It had me in tears, it's so stupid and so brilliant at the same time. Part 3 has some good moments, but overall, I like Part 2 so much more.

on 2/16/2014

I hate Rick.

on 4/4/2014

Now I am going with part 2 but I just want to say I love these movies yes even some of the later ones three is my least favorite out of the first three and two is my favorite out of all of them so yes I am going part 2

on 12/29/2015

Nothing wrong with part 3, it just isn't my thing (and I probably agree with most of what Spoon said). Part 2 was enjoyable as hell. It's stupid, and dumb, yeah, but I feel it's easily the better movie.

on 5/13/2016

Part III setting was pretty nice, but Part II was the overall better movie.

on 9/7/2016

I enjoyed both of these, though not quite as much as the original. I'll give the slight edge to Part 2.

on 9/19/2016

Part 3 has aged better, and is also the first film to feature the hockey mask!

on 8/26/2017

I love the sadistic, sometimes even smiling Jason of part 3. Also the scariest seen in the whole series for me is when Jason chases the girl in a flashback and you can barely make his face out. Lot's of great unmasked moments in this one. He's actually busting balls playing with her in the last act. My favorite version of Jason. And when she's in the boat at the end and Jason smiled and crashes through the shed door? Yeah 3 has some of the best moments in the series. It's like Jason the character has one foot in his hillbilly past, and one foot in the future. For me, the perfect amalgam of Jason traits. 2 was great too but gotta go with 3

on 6/12/2018

The sequel is my favorite of the Friday films. Followed by 4.

on 6/12/2018

Jason goes to hell!

on Apr 25

Part II is flawed, but Jason is terrifying, and Ginny is brilliant. Both Jason and the “Final Girl” take a step down for me in Part III.