On Her Majesty's Secret Service vs. The Spy Who Loved Me



on 4/9/2010

"OHMSS" features my favorite Bond girl ever (Diana Rigg as Tracy), a great John Barry score and a pretty solid story. George Lazenby gets dinged for being a "bad Bond," but his only real fault on-screen is that he's not Sean Connery. "The Spy Who Loved Me" is easily the best of the Roger Moore 007 movies, but Curt Jurgens never really did much for me as the main villain. Also, it's really just a re-make of "You Only Live Twice" and Marvin Hamlisch's disco score hasn't aged well.

on 4/13/2012

i have to agree, the winner in this matchup is clearly Lazenby

on 8/4/2013

Moore is the better Bond, but OHMSS is the better movie.

on 6/10/2014

Both two of my favorites but ive always had more fun with The Spy Who Loved Me.

on 5/15/2017

On Her Majesty's Secret Service