Cape Fear vs. Taxi Driver



on 8/12/2009

Taxi Driver Vs. Cape Fear is pretty brutal. Knee jerk reaction is Taxi Driver but I think about how much my love of Cape Fear has grown through the years. Have to go with Cape Fear. But if it was King of Comedy Vs. Cape Fear - King of Comedy all the way.

on 12/10/2009

DeNiro Scorsese is another great team. Taking Taxi Driver here though.

on 12/11/2010

Taxi Driver wins every time this pair comes up, but it's always close.

on 12/24/2012

Cape Fear is one of Scorsese's worst.

on 12/24/2012

Cape Fear is only good for Robert De Niro's performance. Taxi Driver is in a different league and relies not only on De Niro.

on 12/24/2012

No question Taxi Driver. Cape Fear isn't very good unfortunately....

on 12/24/2012

I like both a lot. But Taxi Driver is a masterpiece.

on 12/24/2012

Taxi Driver

on 6/27/2013

Enjoyed both, but Taxi Driver is in a different league to Cape Fear and wins easily.

on 11/26/2013

I agree with most comments above. I thought Cape Fear was a good film, but it was mostly carried by De Niro's performance. Whereas Taxi Driver is a masterpiece that is practically flawless.

on 5/7/2017

Agree with the comments above. De Niro gives a great performance in both but Taxi Driver is a great film!

on 1/5/2019

Taxi Driver might be the better film, but I personally enjoy Cape Fear much more. It rates higher on my flickchart so I guess it wins over Taxi Driver for me.