Treasure Planet vs. The Emperor's New Groove



on 12/12/2009

Treasure Planet is horribly, horribly underrated. And The Emperor's New Groove--while kinda fun--is one of the weakest entries in Disney's second Golden Age of animation.

on 6/8/2011

Totally agree.I watched Treasure Planet with low expectations,and was pleasantly surprised.I don't think the Emperor's new groove is that bad,but it's just not that good.It's ok.

on 8/22/2011

Both are great. I have no idea what to choose here...

on 8/20/2012

The Emperor's New Groove is loads of fun, if just a tiny bit dated. Treasure Planet exceeded even my highest expectations with breath taking visuals and memorable characters.

on 8/20/2012

Treasure Planet is indeed a good film, but I'd say that The Emperor's New Groove is just a bit better. It's been years since I last saw either of these, though, so my opinion could change with a rewatch of each.

on 11/6/2016

Emperor is far more entertaining.