Blade Runner vs. Alien



on 12/3/2009

Almost as if they were made by two different directors. Alien seems more indicative of Scott's talent. And Blade Runner? Eh. No. Just no.

on 12/6/2009

not fair

on 12/19/2009

Alien was awesome. Not impressed with Blade Runner.

on 8/19/2010

I didn't get Blade Runner. Been wanting to try it again for a while, but I'm just kind of "meh" about it. And Charyou_Tree is right; these two movies really speak to the talent that Ridley Scott has. Or, at least, had. Amazing that these movies were only three years apart from each other...and three decades ago, to boot.

on 8/30/2010

I love Blade Runner, but primarily for its perfectly unique look and feel. Never has a futuristic world seemed so simultaneously believable and so foreign. However, Alien is easily superior, a film also daringly unique in its look and also far more terrifying than any other creature feature.

on 9/24/2010

Blade Runner (directors cut) is better than the original, so Alien

on 10/12/2010

This one is so tough. Blade runner has the setting to beat all others, but Alien has the pure horror. Considering Alien never hit me THAT hard. Blade Runner it is.

on 10/22/2010

alien vs blade runner. you gotta be kidding me!!!!!

on 11/16/2011

The battle between Ridley Scott's two greatest movies. Well, i choose Blade Runner, mostly because it's my favorite movie :)

on 2/4/2012

Two Scott masterpieces, Im afraid Blade Runner wins it out

on 4/2/2012

Blade Runner has less of a blockbuster feel and more of the tone of a story striving for greatness and achieves it even after Star Wars was released five years prior.

on 5/8/2012

Alien failed to truly delve into what a science fiction movie can do. Blade Runner defined an unmatched bar that has yet to be challenged. Blade Runner it is.

on 5/8/2012

That Alien and Blade Runner are both directed by the same man is amazing. Ridley Scott blew the doors off of the sci-fi genre with these films. Alien is completely out of this world, but it clearly borrows from the old haunted house movies of the past. Blade Runner's interpretation of L.A circa 2019 is uber-futuristic but undeniably film-noir. They are both cinema titans and this is a true battle. Blade Runer is the more challenging film. It asks more questions and really asks the audience to participate in its story. By contrast, Alien does not give its audience a choice. It hits a very visceral chord and is relentless in its pursuit to terrify. With all that said, it does not stop there. It's a true work of art, too! H.R. Geiger's design of the alien creature is a horrifying manisfestation and the interiors of the Nostromo are some of the most claustrophobic sets ever constructed. If I have to pick one I'll go with Alien, but Blade Runner is in no way an inferior movie.

on 5/9/2012

Alien is scarier than hell. It's a scientific haunted house. Blade Runner is insanely entertaining and has great performances all around but it isn't quite as memorable as Alien. It's awesome that they are both directed by Scott!

on 5/27/2012

Blade Runner is the more intelligent film.Plus,it's more rewatchable.

on 5/31/2012


on 6/10/2012

Alien is certainly the leaner, more visceral film. Blade Runner is more contemplative and intellectual -- and yes, it does drag in a couple places. The design of both films is stunning, but I think I prefer Blade Runner in terms of visuals too. It's just so freakin' gorgeous. For me, this match-up ultimately comes down to genre preferences. Both Alien and Blade Runner are sci-fi reincarnations of other popular Hollywood genres, Alien of the haunted house film, Blade Runner of the film noir. And I'll take a noir any day. So, Blade Runner.

on 6/10/2012

I plan on giving Blade Runner a rewatch...but right now, it doesn't compete with Alien.

on 6/13/2012

Oh. My.

on 8/4/2012

Blade Runner, i love both, both are in my top 5 sci-fi movies but BR is in my top 5 movies. Blade Runner has more to say about humanity and the world and is a more important film. But both are great movies.

on 12/7/2012

Alien is great, but it doesn't leave me with the feeling of awe that Blade Runner does.

on 12/7/2012

Blade Runner definitely.

on 6/10/2013

Great matchup of two classics. I watched both of these movies decades after they were released. So, I'm not a nostalgic voter here. At first, I didn't see all the hype with Blade Runner, so I watched it again last night. Wow, what a difference an extra viewing makes. Blade Runner is an excellent movie. That being said, it's not as good as Alien. I love both though.

on 7/20/2013

Alien. No hesitation

on 8/9/2013

Blade Runner, but when Alien is the second best Sci-Fi movie you've directed, you know you've done something right.

on 8/20/2013

Love this matchup. Two extremely atmospheric Sci-Fi's. But alas, Alien wins here.

on 10/13/2013

BR takes this one home

on 10/13/2013

BR wins here. Ridley Scott is awesome, for creating both of these Sci-Fi masterpieces.

on 12/17/2013


on 12/30/2013

Blade Runner is good, but I believe that Alien is much better. Both films have amazing atmospheres.

on 12/30/2013

I'll take Alien as well, but no discredit to Blade Runner.

on 6/24/2014


on 6/24/2014

Blade Runner. The I've Seen Things improvised monologue is timeless and Harrison Ford kicks ass in that movie big time! Alien is so close though. This was Ridley Scott's golden age. :D

on 7/27/2015

Blade Runner and it's not even close.

on 7/27/2015

I'm going to have to go with Blade Runner here, Alien is a little to slow to get started for me.

on 10/31/2015

Alien is my 2nd favorite horror film but still no scary xenomorph comes close to beating the pure art and brilliance of blade runner...blade runner is the better film...

on 11/22/2015

Critics think Alien is dense with thematic depth but is actually minuscule compared to the infinitely smarter Blade Runner, a true competitor for the best sci-fi movie ever. Only because of the boring atmosphere and set design and the xenomorph do pretentious critics hail the boring unoriginal Alien a masterpiece over Blade Runner which is also entertaining.

on 6/26/2016

Blade Runner grows on me with each viewing, and its score, acting and writing are better than those of Alien (which is saying something considering that Alien is one of the best written horror movies in my opinion), but Alien wins out for tension, production design, atmosphere and characters. Two similarly dark, grungy Sci-Fi films that offer a glimpse of beauty within the darkness, literally or metaphorically. This is very close, but Alien just sticks in the mind more after repeat viewings. Ridley Scott at his peak.

on 8/8/2016

Both are slow moving and not as good as everyone thinks they are. Blade Runner is darker and has the hotter chicks, so it wins.

on 5/15/2017

Both are visually amazing masterpieces, but I prefered Alien.

on 6/29/2018

Two famous Ridley Scott's filmmaking, Blade Runner is my pick..

on 6/29/2018

i love blade runner and most of alien, but i think the last section (with the silly suit compared to the beautiful prosthetics) doesn't match up to the rest of the film

on 9/6/2018

blade runner for me because ''tears in rain'' is the best scene in film history, and aliens well! aliens just sucks! that movie don't have a really good scenes just like blade runner and alien dissapointed me

on 9/6/2018

Alien. I was only slightly amused by Blade Runner but it wasn’t until 2049 blew me away that my appreciation for it grew.

on 11/6/2018

Blade Runner.

on 11/6/2018

Blade Runner.

on 11/6/2018

Blade Runner.

on 11/6/2018

Blade Runner.

on 11/6/2018

Blade Runner.

on 2/13/2019

So I just watches both of them recently and I can see why they are called 2 of the best Sci-Fi Movies of all time. In my opinion, both are masterpieces in their own ways, the one I enjoyed slightly more was Blade Runner, simply because of the setting, visuals and atmosphere. Maybe my opinion will change if I rewatch them, but I'm giving my vote for Blade Runner for now.