Inception vs. Serenity



on 9/7/2010

Two fantastic films that completely blew me away. I'll stick with Serenity for now, but Inception may grow on me as time goes by.

on 10/14/2010

Not a fan of Inception. Serenity would win even if I were, though.

on 1/15/2011

Yikes, this is tough. Inception takes it only because on its own it holds so much depth and creativity. Serenity had an entire season of Firefly to back it up, Inception had the same power off one film.

on 1/16/2011

Inception was a fine film but I've come to see it as very overrated. I don't know if that's because of the quality of the film itself or the fact that the ultra Nolan fans gushing over it everywhere finally got on my nerves? Inception is filled with minor inconsistencies and isn't as smart as it pretends to be. I also found that I have NO desire to watch it again. Consequently, I could watch Serenity over and over. A modern classic that works well on many levels.

on 1/16/2011

Serenity, because I could watch it over and over.

on 9/4/2011

Inception by a landslide. Hell, I'd pick Doodlebug over anything that gutless hack Whedon has ever put on screen. His butchering of Angel the series in its final season should be recognized as an arrestable offense, not to mention the treatment of Charisma Carpenter and her on screen portrayal of Cordelia. In short, Nolan's epic takes this without breaking a sweat..


on 2/14/2012

Serenity is an outstanding sci-fi film. Even as a standalone film it's great, but because I've seen the short-lived yet wonderful series it means even more to me. However, Inception is probably the better and more creative movie here.

on 1/17/2014

If there was a way to rate Inception versus Firefly, than Inception would lose. As Serenity (while still being great) didn't quite stack up to the show, I'll have to give Inception the win in this one.

on 7/29/2014

Serenity is a decent science fiction movie, but I don't find there to be anything particularly special about it. Inception feels downright revolutionary in comparison. Easy choice...

on 12/29/2014

Easy decision here... Inception wins on all levels.