Kill Bill Vol. 1 vs. Battle Royale



on 10/25/2009

love this match-up... but as much as I love and adore the influence, KB is a stronger film. But a well-deserved match-up. BR is where QT found his Go Go (Chiaki Kuriyama, who is so excellent in BR).

on 10/29/2009

both were sooooo fucking epic.

on 11/22/2009

Interesting match-up thematically, but really, Kill Bill 1 is far superior in it's film making.

on 12/16/2009

I'm going to disagree. KB1 didn't have much of a point beyond advertising part 2. BATTLE ROYALE is one of the most tense and thrilling blockbusters of the decade, with more wicked surprises than all of Tarantino's films combined. If ROYALE were up against KB2 or INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS this would be more of a fair fight. As is, BATTLE ROYALE wipes the floor with Uma Thurman's moppish haircut.

on 10/30/2010

What can a Chief do without his BR? Not too much. Royale is conceptually cooler than Kill Bill, which is a good film and all, but Uma Thurman... really?

on 11/1/2010

both were cool films and had crazy chick, chiaki kuriyama, in common. but stylistically and thematically, imma go with tarantino.

on 11/14/2010

Battle Royale will always be better in my heart :3

on 5/10/2011

Both incredibly fun movies. Battle Royale does a great job of dealing with the risky storyline and not holding back and letting most those kids live, which is what the American remake probably would have done. But at times it's just really hectic and doesn't get enough time to develop the characters as deeply as the novel does. Kill Bill is so interesting and fun and Tarantino is a master. Both great, great films.

on 8/8/2011

Damn this is a tough choice. However, I think I'm going to go with Battle Royale. While Kill Bill was great because of how it depicted tarantino's influences, Battle Royal was so groundbreaking and really pushed the envelope with so many kids being brutally murdered. BR it is

on 9/28/2012

Pastiche can be fun, but it never beats a plain good movie.

on 9/28/2012

No doubt....Vol. 1 takes the cake. Too much damn fun...

on 10/4/2012



on 2/28/2013

Both are phenomenal, and although I slightly prefer Vol. 2 over Vol. 1, I think Kill Bill is a stronger film here. But BR is tough competition.

on 4/5/2014

Battle Royale, but Kill Bill Vol 1 is close

on 11/4/2015

These are my two favorite movies but I enjoyed Battle Royale just a bit more. Kill Bill is still amazing.

on 5/6/2016

I like Battle Royale quite a bit but I do find it quite flawed. It came off really melodramatic in places in a bad way and some things in it were just horribly confusing on first viewing. Kill Bill on the other hand, struck the right chord for me from beginning to end and the storytelling(while nonlinear) was far more coherent.