Knockabout vs. Rumble in the Bronx



on 2/16/2011

Ouch. Tough. Rumble in the Bronx introduced me to Jackie Chan so it holds a special place in my heart. But two words: Yuen Baio. I freakin' LOVE him! So Knockabout it is!

on 2/1/2013

"Rumble in the Bronx introduced me to Jackie Chan..." I'm surprised by just how many people say that. Anyway, Knocabout wrecks it here. Best finale ever???

on 2/1/2013


on 2/2/2013

It was my first Jackie movie, as well. It was the first one to get a big theatrical release here in the states. So nostalgia's a huge factor. But Knockabout brings the Fu in a way Bronx wasn't able to. Or didn't want to. Doesn't matter. It brings the Fu. "Best finale ever???" Top 15-20, for sure.