The Lost World: Jurassic Park vs. Jurassic Park



on 7/29/2009

The Lost World was a complete letdown, really missing what was laid out in the novel. While Jurassic Park had several changes the overall theme and atmosphere were spot on.

on 11/4/2009

The Lost World still is a good film, but the first movie is just much, much better in every category.

on 11/28/2009

Oh how I wish this to be a much harder decision.


on 12/14/2009

The Lost World became very predictable and unoriginal. It would have been far more interesting if it followed the novel. I enjoyed both, but Jurassic Park was far better.

on 7/10/2010

No contest. Take that Sequel! Jurassic Park wins

on 7/11/2010

I'm with ReidN. This should be a titanic battle. But "The Lost World," while it has a lot going for it, is not a good movie. (And I actually enjoyed the "Lost World" novel more than the original.) "Jurassic Park" holds up so well, it's special effects still give me shivers and put to shame the majority of big-budget effects films of today.

on 10/17/2010

twpk117 is right: The Lost World is the better novel, but Jurassic Park is the better movie. What's odd is that there are actually bits of the first novel that were dropped from the first movie, yet crammed into the sequel, where they didn't need to be. I like The Lost World, but Jurassic Park is leagues ahead.


on 11/18/2010

I agree about the novel being better than the original. I think that if The Lost World followed the novel, we would have had a fantastic sequel. Moments of the novel made me clench my fists at the possibilities that were missed in the movie. Still, I enjoyed The Lost World -- especially when I was younger; loved it like few other movies. But yeah, Sticking with the original here.

on 2/10/2011


on 10/5/2012

Have to choose the original. The Lost World, while flawed, was still immensely enjoyable.

on 10/11/2012

Not the Mama. Not the Mama! Not the Mama!!! Wait, wrong 'saurs.

on 11/27/2012

Jurassic Park the original. I still find the sequel to be entertaining though.

on 11/27/2012

Despite voting for the wrong movie and having a troubling username, "LovinYourKids" left the best comment.

on 4/29/2013

Well, I'll be on the other side of the argument here, but I actually enjoyed The Lost World more. Admittedly, they're very close (and I probably need to re-see the sequel to solidify this decision), but at the moment, I'd pick the sequel. I just felt like it was more consistently fun, though the original certainly had a greater sense of majesty and grandness to it.

on 4/30/2013

I really like The Lost World, but the original is clearly better.

on 5/26/2013

I don't think The Lost World is a "good" film, but I at least find it watchable on it's own merits despite some insincere acting and a plot-hole ridden script. Still, it goes without saying that it doesn't hold a candle to the original.

on 9/16/2013

Jurassic Park wins over The Lost World at any time. Jurassic Park has better story and better acting than The Lost World has, but I have nothing against The Lost World.

on 11/25/2013

this is a easy one for me jurassic park is a classic the dinosaurs were so cool and it was the best on of the jurassic park scene especialy the velciraptor in the kitchen scene and the lost world it was pretty boring at times but i like when the t rex invaded san diego kinda like godzilla but with a t rex but even though that epic scene jurassic park wins by far

on 6/2/2014

Love the Raptors and T-Rex in SD but the first JP film is still the best one of the best action films ever and super scary!

on 6/2/2014

I enjoy both but the original is definitely the best one.

on 4/30/2015

The Lost World is such a horrible sequel. Everything that made the first one a good film - the music, the wonder, the spectacle, the visuals, the excitement, the likeable and memorable characters, the energetic - is not present in the sequel. It's like the negated sequel: it does the complete opposite of the original, which makes it a complete betrayal. The original isn't THAT good in my eyes, but at least it was fun. The Lost World is just dreary. Spielberg on autopilot in every sense of the word.

on 6/16/2015

Lost World commits a mortal sin; boring Jeff Goldblum.

on 6/22/2015

I like them both. Love one of them. Jurassic Park wins

on 8/17/2015

I finished to re-watch The Lost World 1 minute ago and can't believe I haven't commented on this one yet. The Lost World is entertaining; but Jurassic Park is a masterpiece.


on 3/29/2018

The original by a long shot.

on 3/29/2018

Jurassic Park>The Lost World

on 3/29/2018

The JP movies got worse as they went along. Lost World missed the spark of the first, in terms of characters and tone. The first is a much better film with more soul and charm!

on 7/8/2018

The Lost World is every bit as great as Jurassic Park. However, because the story is fresher and I enjoy the theme park setting a bit more, Jurassic Park (My favorite film).

on 8/4/2018

Jurassic Park the only better historic film of all time..