The Lost World: Jurassic Park vs. Jurassic Park III



on 11/15/2009

These things get progressivly worse.

on 5/26/2013

Surprised this hasn't been discussed more. In any case, The Lost World has Pete Postelthwaite, while JP3 has Tea Leoni. The Lost World wins.

on 5/26/2013

I don't hate either, though I probably should. That being said I think The Lost World is clearly better.

on 6/3/2013

I find myself defending The Lost World a lot. It's not perfect, but it's loads of fun, with plenty of suspenseful scenes and great special effects. Jurassic Park III on the other hand is an absolute mess. Outright terrible, featuring unlikeable characters, uninteresting action scenes, and lacking entirely in excitement, Jurassic Park III is almost unwatchable. The Lost World easily takes this win.

on 6/27/2013

Dr. Grant returns = III is a better movie. Still close though. Neither is the original, that's for sure.

on 6/27/2013

In all honesty, I don't really like the new characters of Jurassic Park III. The cast of The Lost World was perfect and that's why it's still an entertaining film.

on 7/31/2013

I have changed my mind. Even though I liked the return of Dr. Grant in III, the Lost World was a little more enjoyable.

on 8/1/2013

Until the finale action scene, The Lost World was a worthy sequel to the first. Whereas JP3 was a travesty from start to finish.

on 9/16/2013

The Lost World is far better. Jurassic Park 3 is very awful and very unwatchable too.

on 9/16/2013

Mad Hater already nailed my opinion right on the first comment. " These things get progressivly worse. " And yes my friend,they really do. JPIII was just absurdly bad.

on 5/7/2015

I don't have the vile hatred for JPIII that a lot of people apparently have. "Unwatchable"? "A travesty"? "Absurdly bad"? I mean, it wasn't exactly GOOD, but to criticize it that heavily like it's the antichrist seems absurd to me. It's 84 minutes of entertaining but mostly forgettable fluff. That's it. There's nothing offensively bad about it. The Lost World is a bit more painful to sit through, mostly because it's so boring and because you care about none of the characters. Yeah, Jeff Goldblum this and Jeff Goldblum that, but his character wasn't even a tenth as memorable as in the first film. Sam Neill was a much better lead in III than Goldblum was in The Lost World. It's much smaller in scope, but at least it was somewhat entertaining and short. It had the wonder and excitement that The Lost World lacked. I rather have Joe Johnston trying but failing instead of Spielberg being bored.

on 6/16/2015

Don't like either, but slightly prefer III in all honestly. The Lost World is one of Spielberg's worst. Total autopilot bore.

on 6/28/2015

Lost World is a total mess. Jurassic Park III wins.

on 6/30/2015

I've enjoyed JPIII and think it's a lot better. Lost World is a so-so film, contemporary King Kong. It starts interesting, but after John Hammond scene, it falls as a boring one. Jurassic Park III isn't boring. It's very exciting. Isn't a good flick by the way, but it is much better than The Lost World. Even though Johnston has a hell out of a fuck with that boy, Spinosaurus was tremendous villain, Pteranodon was cool, Ankylosaurus was a good add. Tyranosaurus Rex in San Diego isn't cool. Isn't inventive. Isn't a good add. Still without good ideas. Jeff Goldblum is underused, even he can't help that film. I love me some Ian Malcolm in that 1993 first one, but he's boring here. Sam Neill comeback was much better. Between Grant, Malcolm, and Setler, Grant deserved much more sympathy with me. Even though Jurassic Park III don't has John Hammond nor Malcolm, it still the winner nonetheless.

on 7/12/2015

Give me The Lost World over JP3, any day.

on 6/22/2017

I don't know what's worse; Lost World, Jurassic 3, Jurassic World or the pretentious title "Fallen Kingdom".

on 11/25/2018

Both flims are bad, but JP3 is at least hilariously so