The Lost World: Jurassic Park vs. No Country for Old Men



on 3/24/2011


on 9/16/2013

The Lost World wins here. No Country for Old Men is one of the worst movies ever.

on 9/16/2013

I love Lost World to be honest, but its not better than No Country For Old Men.

on 9/17/2013

No Country For Old Men wins without a doubt. The Lost World is a mediocre movie at best.

on 11/26/2018

No Country easily.

on 11/26/2018

Lost World is underrated but it's not nearly as good as No Country For Old Men

on 11/27/2018

Lost World is without question the worst JP movie. Awful story, awful characters, ruins Ian Malcolm, the last 30 minutes are awful. Bad bad bad. No Country is a masterpiece!