Spotlight vs. The Post



on 1/13/2018

Move over "Spotlight", "The Post" is the FAR superior journalism film in EVERY single way

on 1/15/2018

I'm going Spotlight, I really liked the Post but it sometimes had a few too many subplots going on, and some of the scenes and performances were a bit too 'oscar-bait' for my liking. Spotlight was more intense, and I felt the investigative journalism was captured in a more riveting way.

on 2/19/2018

This is one of my favorite recent movies (Spotlight) vs. a very forgettable one (The Post). The Post was never close to riveting or haunting me as much as Spotlight.

on 3/20/2018

The Post is about a thousand times better.

on 3/20/2018

Both are pretty overrated in my opinion. Just seemed like they were begging for Oscars. I'd rather see Spotlight again between the two

on 4/28/2018

Spotlight was not only a more enjoyable film. The first half of the Post was a snooze fest.


on 3/6/2019

Very good films but prefer The Post.