The Dark Knight Rises vs. The Bourne Ultimatum



on 8/9/2012

Hmmm, Bourne for now.

on 10/15/2012

TDKR was a more satisfying experience.

on 1/4/2013


on 1/4/2013

I like Bourne a lot but it does not help when he is set against Batman.

on 3/30/2013

Bourne by a landslide. Ultimatum was a much more satisfying conclusion than Rises.

on 3/30/2013

TDKR...I enjoyed the Bourne series, but was never blown away....

on 3/30/2013

Both are the best of their series in my opinion. Batman beats Bourne though.

on 1/15/2014

Good battle here. TDKR for me.

on 6/29/2018

Bourne Ultiamatum is a best third movie flick, it certainly had a better effort story and great action fight moments and while TDKR is incredibly most overrated miserably just flawed..