Molly's Game vs. Erin Brockovich



on 1/11/2018

I really like real life Molly and her tale way more than real life Erin even though both come across as whitewashed braggarts. Plus, Julia Roberts had to pad the chest whereas Jessica Chastain has the goods and let them out to play in her film.

on 4/11/2018

This is a good matchup. I liked both of these films for the truth behind them as well as the performances given by the lead actresses. That being said, I enjoyed the story of Erin Brockovich better. One could argue that Jessica Chastain's performance was indeed better than Julia Roberts', but I would disagree. Erin Brockovich as a person is much harder to portray on film than Molly Bloom. Plus, the relationship and interactions between the client and attorney in Erin Brockovich is 10 times better than in Molly's Game.