Spider-Man 3 vs. Batman Begins



on 9/22/2016

Spider-Man 3 is a bit underrated. I feel if it took its premise a tiny bit more seriously it may have been more embraced by the public. Batman Begins is good but not great. Its first half outweighs the second.

on 10/2/2016

Batman Begins, it single-handedly revitalized Batman and rejuvenated the entire CBM genre in one fell swoop. It's also one of the top 5 most influential films of any genre this century.

on 7/5/2018

Batman Begins barley..

on 7/5/2018

Spider-Man 3 closed out a better trilogy than BB began. Clearly.

on 7/5/2018

Batman clearly. No, Spiderman 3 isn't some underrated gem it has the reputation it deserves.

on 7/6/2018

Say cheese. Say cheese again. Ah, good times.