The Muppet Christmas Carol vs. The Muppets Take Manhattan



on 4/6/2012

The last Jim Henson-headed film against the first one made with his son, it really is a hard choice. Though both of them are a delight, "Manhattan" employed an easier surrounding for the characters to interact in while the Dickensian backdrop gave a harder time for their type of humor and style.

on 12/28/2012

While The Muppet Christmas Carol is something of a cult classic, I found it to be a bit bland. It felt decidedly un-Muppet like and ultimately unnecessary. The Muppets Take Manhattan is one of the best Muppet films yet (only topped by the 2011 reboot), with wonderfully catchy songs, clever gags, and a big heart. Not even close.

on 11/28/2013

Well,i wouldn't really compare 2011 Muppets with any of those,but a opinion is a opinion. "The Muppets Take Manhattan " is,like in said on another review, a movie that has ALL the things a Muppet movie should have. Christmas Carol is not THAT far off, 'cause it's another great Muppets flick,but overall...Manhattan takes it here.

on 11/28/2013

Probably Manhattan, but both are great!

on 12/15/2015

Apart from the first song on the Christmas Carol, I'm not really into it. Take Manhattan is easier to get going.