The Prestige vs. The Machinist



on 7/25/2010

Another battle of the Bales... think I enjoy his performance in The Machinist more but think The Prestige is the overall better film here. Really like Nolan's inventiveness and flawed character development. Definitely give the edge to The Prestige but love what Bale did in The Machinist.


on 7/25/2010

Bale was better in The Machinist but The Prestige was a better film.

on 3/15/2011

Besides The Dark Knight, these are nr. two and three in the Bale's Best List. But I agree, that Prestige is the better movie all in all. Still, I love Bale to much, not to truly honour his performance in The Machinist.

on 4/28/2015

Prestige by far

on 6/22/2015

I just saw The Machinist and I really liked it. Bale is one of my favourite actors and he is excellent in The Machinist. Still The Prrestige is a better film.