The Prestige vs. The Shining



on 5/28/2014

If I had to pick one of these movies to be the only movie I ever get to watch again, I'd pick: The Shining

on 7/23/2014

The Shining

on 7/23/2014

Shining is certainly the more acclaimed film, but I'm siding with Prestige here. Just a fascinating story.

on 7/23/2014

Yeah, I also prefer The Prestige. I never much liked The Shining.

on 7/24/2014

The Shining.

on 7/24/2014

The Shining...mind blowing stuff upon my first viewing. Will never forget it...

on 7/24/2014

Shining is clearly overrated and it's the worst Kubrick's film. The Prestige however is better and well acted and directed

on 8/22/2014

The prestige for me

on 8/22/2014

Prestige is awesome and the film I'd much rather watch over and over again of the two, but Shining is so classic and so haunting, it has to be ranked higher.

on 8/31/2017

Ah, The Prestige and The Shining, two titles whose meanings within the context of their stories are very different from what one would normally expect. With every viewing I gain a deeper appreciation of the care and detail put into making them, and find myself overwhelmed by a deluge of visceral thrills. Outstanding cinematic works but The Prestige is slightly ahead.

on 9/7/2017

The Prestige kind of sucked, eh...and it's still one of Nolan's best. Pretty overrated director, I'd say. Kubrick effortless takes this.

on 9/8/2017

Matchups like these is why I LOVE Flickchart! Both are very complex and mean a lot more beneath the surface. Until Dunkirk, The Prestige was my favourite Nolan movie and for awhile my favourite movie of the 21st century! The characters is great, the rivialry was tensed and I felt myself very interested in the movie long after I watched it! The Shining is in my top 10 because of artistic reasons as well as because of how complex it is! I was absolutely terrified while watching it, yet in awe at how well constructed it was as a piece of cinema!