Lost in Translation vs. Groundhog Day



on 8/15/2009

Does Flickchart understand these pairings, or is it totally random?

on 12/6/2009

Oh no!

on 3/6/2010

WOW! This is tough. LiT for the win!

on 5/16/2010

"Groundhog Day" is more imaginative, perhaps, but there's something about "Lost in Translation" that got under my skin the first time I saw it. I don't know quite why, but I fell in love with that movie...and it gets my vote here.

on 12/8/2010

Groundhog Day all the way. Lost in Translation puts me to sleep.

on 12/8/2010

Heavyweight battle. Love 'em both but I choose Lost in Translation.

on 12/4/2011

Lost in Translation and Groundhog Day are Bill Murray's best movies. This is a hard one for me. Groundhog Day is a timeless classic that I love. But I feel Lost in Translation will become a classic one day. I am giving my vote to Lost in Translation. There is just something about that movie that makes you love it.

on 12/4/2011

Groundhog day for me. However, I enjoyed lost in translation a lot more than I thought I would.

on 12/18/2011

Both Murray movies that really made me a fan of his work. Bill had a better performance at "Lost In Translation" but Groundhog Day had a bigger impact on me.

on 2/7/2012

His two best movies, and while Groundhog Day is totally underrated, i think Lost in Translation is a better film.

on 2/7/2012

Groundhog Day it is. The laughs were solid, and "Translation" just didn't have a huge impact for me...

on 8/1/2014

It's quite easily Groundhound Day.

on 8/1/2014

Both movies are good ! But Groundhog day have a special place in my heart .

on 4/13/2016

I think Groundhog Day is a more universal film whereas Lost in Translation is hilarious but its underlying message more easily applies to a niche. I am in that niche, so I am going to take the latter film - though both are in my top 20.

on 12/13/2016

Zany, entertaining comedy vs. dreamlike character study. I'll go with Lost in Translation.

on 1/10/2018

Groundhog Day all day long. Every day.