Bird Box vs. A Quiet Place



on 1/7/2019

Two very similar movies plot-wise, but I think A Quiet Place is the slightly better movie.

on 1/7/2019

Bird Box affected me on more on an emotional level. I never really cared about the characters in A Quiet Place. And I think by seeing the monsters in Place, it took away some of the scare value.

on 1/9/2019

I think comparisons of the two films are actually rather superficial based on the sense element of their respective premises. A Quiet Place is entirely about directly surviving the film's "creature" while "Bird Box" is largely about group dynamics following a collapse/attack and only about 1/3 about avoiding the "creature". Ultimately I preferred "A Quiet Place" and think it's a more artfully crafted and interesting film. Both films benefit from very strong leading actress performances.

on 1/10/2019

A Quiet Place is actually quite good unlike Bird Box. That is a crap experience that Netflix knows was crap and thus kicked the PR machine in to overdrive. It's all hype and piss poor delivery.


on Jan 23

Both are pretty dumb, yet entertaining post-apocalyptic horrors, but I enjoyed the lovecraftian aspect of Bird Box.

on Jan 24

A Quiet Place wins....

on Jan 25

A Quiet Place was structured far better

on Feb 27

Like both films but also disliked a lot of the story structures as well and both films have flaws that make them average at best, A Quiet Place is overall a better made movie in a lot of ways