Monty Python and the Holy Grail vs. Hot Fuzz



on 11/28/2009

I loved Hot Fuzz and almost clicked it because I haven't watched Holy Grail in many, many years. But, as my finger approached the left mouse button with the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow (European) ... I realized that even if I watched Holy Grail again today and didn't start regurgitating all the quotes again, no amount of Hot Fuzz could erase the smell of elderberries from the ol' memory banks. I'll probably watch Hot Fuzz again before I re-watch Grail but I won't watch Hot Fuzz as many times as I've watched Grail.

on 7/5/2011

Hot Fuzz! Because it's better than Shawn of the Dead, but Holy Grail isn't better than Life of Brian.

on 9/14/2011

Holy Grail is the one MP movie i din´t like sooo much, so at the moment it´s a win for Hot Fuzz

on 9/14/2011

This surprises me. I mean, Hot Fuzz was funny and entertaining, but is it really on the same level as the Holy Grail? I don't think so...but apparently, I'm in the minority.

on 4/18/2017

yeah i enjoy hot fuzz, but monty python is just another level.

on 4/19/2017

Agreed, Holy Grail is a lot better film in my opinion

on 6/5/2017

These two work as some of the funniest movies of all time but also as "films". Hot Fuzz has humour that is smart and well thought out but it's also very well directed and has a story, characters and a mystery worth getting invested in. Holy Grail has a different kind of humour but it's still equally effective. It exaggerates and pokes fun at the time period, themselves and the low budget! It's silly but it's done in a smart way that fits in the story to the point where it is funny. Holy Grail may be the definitive comedy but I prefer the story based Hot Fuzz!

on 6/10/2017

Both perfect British comedies, but action junkie in me gives the edge to Hot Fuzz

on Nov 13

Both hilarious, but if I had to choose right now, I would more likely rewatch Holy Grail