Die Another Day vs. Thunderball



on 5/15/2010

The first half of "Die Another Day" is one of the best Bond movies ever made. Unfortunately, its second half is basically a mediocre video game. Going with "Thunderball" here for overall quality.

on 11/11/2012

For all the ire that DAD draws, I thought the opening that deals with Bond being captured and tortured leading to MI6 to question his loyalty was a very cool idea--too bad it devolved into a very, very silly fantasy movie.

on 3/9/2013

Thunderball is much better.

on 3/9/2013

Die Another Day is really bad, but it does have some enjoyable scenes here and there. Thunderball is meh.

on 3/11/2013

Which one has that fat guy who throws his hat again?

on 3/11/2013

Austin Powers in: Goldmember.

on 7/8/2015

Neither are among my favorite bonds. Middle of the group. I'll take Thunderball