Zodiac vs. Se7en



on 9/22/2009

maybe lot of you pick se7en over zodiac,but i adore zodiac more,i think it has more depth and greater cinematography

on 11/9/2009

Whoa! Two great Fincher Movies - both with great memorable scenes. But if I had to pick one it'd be Seven just by a hair because I remember Zodiac being a few minutes too long.

on 12/11/2009

This is easily the hardest matchup for me. These are my top two, and I don't know if I can really choose.

on 12/19/2009

Definitely Fincher's two best films.

on 9/4/2010

Tough one for sure. But I'll still take Se7en; that finale is fantastic

on 3/9/2011

As another commenter has said, these are Fincher's 2 best (so far). I honestly think Zodiac is his masterpiece which is why it gets my vote. Seven is his amazing breakout film that thankfully he's followed up on.

on 3/9/2011

Seven wins, because of Morgan Freeman, the third act, and the slightly more iconic nature of the premise. This was a tough one, though. Fincher's too good.

on 6/22/2011

These two movies seem like they'd cause the same reaction in someone and it would be hard to judge but I really liked Zodiac and thought Se7en was incredibly boring, so this isn't that hard of a choice

on 6/22/2011

I'll go with Seven...in just a ridiculously tough decision...

on 10/18/2011

Zodiac is really underrated , but Se7en still one of the greatest Fincher pieces.

on 7/10/2012

Two of the best serial killer movies ever made. Suck it Silence. Going with Se7en.

on 10/4/2012

Zodiac was good and I need to rewatch it. For now, I'm going with Se7en

on 10/5/2012

Se7en is better than Zodiac in every way shape or form

on 10/5/2012

Zodiac is more thrilling and interesting. Zodiac win

on 12/3/2012

Awesome! Fincher seriously owns the thriller genre and I'm of the opinion that Zodiac and Se7en are the pinnacle of everything serial killer flicks have got to offer. I feel like writing more about these brilliant films. Let's start with the pros, shall we? There's no denying Fincher's outstanding directorial work in both films. If Zodiac showcases Fincher at his patient, meticulous best, in Se7en he toys with the audience's psychology to create a hell-like world that's probably the most atmospheric environment ever designed since Ridley Scott's Alien. Neither of the two glorifies the serial killer, unlike TSotL, and that's commendable. But as awesome Zodiac is, it's simply not on the same planet as Se7en. The true stars of Se7en are the characters. Somerset and Mills start out as your cliched buddy-cop pair but it's the philosophy the screenplay provides them with that makes them stand out from the clutter. The moral depth of the characters and the film's overall persistence turns a gimmicky cop thriller into a work of spiritual horror, and so revisiting it always feels like a powerful and meaningful experience if not necessarily a pleasurable one. In John Doe, Spacey portrayed a monster so deranged and yet so in control. Zodiac is a stunning film as well. The attention to detail is phenomenal and almost nothing is overlooked or compromised for. It's a fully faithful adaptation of Bob Graysmith's book. As we see the years passing by, we can also observe those subtle changes in trends, mannerisms, and even something as small as a hairdo or the layout of a phone-booth. As some snobs would say, there's no room for cheap twists and it's as well-researched a film can possibly be. The writers stress on the procedure and the general feeling of anxiety in San Francisco when the killer was operating at its peak. But the thing about Zodiac is this: its greatest strength is also its biggest weakness (at least for me). Zodiac employs a cold, methodical style and explores everything about the events in a very professional manner, but that detaches you from the characters. The driving force of the film isn't the characters or even the Zodiac killer but the investigation of the case itself. The characters enter and leave the frame as per their relevance to the case. The focus keeps interchanging between Graysmith, Toschi, Paul Avery, and the suspects. That's fine to a degree but it makes examining the characters and dissecting their motivations a futile exercise. You're not invested in the characters and so the second half seems to drag. Not much is indicated as to why Graysmith continues to spend time on the case in spite of the dangers surrounding it. We are told he loves solving puzzles but for a family man with major responsibilities, the reason sounds a tad lame and insufficient. Se7en moves in the right direction in that regard as the motivations of the characters are better specified as well as defined. Also, as shocking Se7en's ending is, it's probably easier to swallow than Zodiac's. The reason being: Zodiac offers no resolution whatsoever. The pay-off is zero as the killer's identity is never discovered (I know that's the way it was in real life). But I can understand if someone doesn't necessarily see the things I pointed out as flaws but merely a matter of preference. So, yeah, go Se7en!

on 12/12/2012

Both Fincher classics, but Zodiac is a lesser film compared to Se7en. A bit like what Casino was compared to Goodfellas.

on 1/22/2013

Se7en is my favorite David Fincher film. It's amazing. Zodiac and Fight Club are tied for the second place, but I probably like Zodiac a little more. But yeah, no contest on this one, although I do love both.

on 1/22/2013

Two of Fincher's serial killer masterpieces. Both are top notch at what they set out to do but I must go with Se7en.

on 3/17/2013

Creepy but Zodiac is the better film.

on 3/17/2013

As amazing as Zodiac is it can't top the sheer brilliance of Se7en.

on 6/9/2013

Zodiac is Fincher's masterpiece.

on 6/18/2013

Se7en. It really isn't a contest.

on 6/23/2013

Zodiac? More thrilling? Don't get me wrong...I love Zodiac and think it's a great film...but Zodiac can't be more thrilling than Se7en. Se7en wins.

on 1/18/2014

Se7en is probably Fincher's best, so it quite easily wins. Although Zodiac is a damn good mystery thriller as well.

on 3/22/2014

I love Zodiac its intense and very interesting but Seven is a great Detective film a scary as hell film with the best setting and lighting the acting is great as well easy Seven is a modern classic.

on 3/22/2014

2 great crime thrillers by the great old David Fincher It's really hard to say which is better but I think I'm going to have to say Se7en on this one but Zodiac is still a great film but it's one of those movies that I can't watch a lot so it's going to have to be Se7en.

on 2/16/2015

Love both, but Zodiac, man.

on 2/17/2015

I love both so much... I would have said Zodiac two days ago but I just rewatched Se7en and I think I like it more than Zodiac... Extremely close though.

on 1/11/2016

Fincher's best films, Zodiac wins in a close one.

on 11/25/2017

like the person above me said. fincher's best films, zodiac wins.

on 12/26/2017

se7en is incredible, but it can't hold up to zodiac in my eyes