The Room vs. The Happening



on 2/8/2011

This is just awful.

on 2/13/2011

hahahaha the hardest matchup ever.


on 2/14/2011

The Room is is a very funny bad movie. The Happening is just bad.

on 2/18/2011

Two of the best worst movies of all time. Marky Mark talks to a plastic tree! But The Room is hilarious from beginning to end

on 7/22/2011

"What, no!" "Oh haaai, Mawk!" The Room is the most horrible piece of filth I've ever seen besides Troll 2, so it definitely wins here.

on 7/18/2012

"It seems to me like you're the axpurt Mawk". The Room it is.

on 6/19/2013

I haven't seen The Happening in years, but bad as it was, I doubt I would find it as bas as The Room if I watch it again.

on 3/3/2017

Compared to The Room, the Happening is the Godfather

on 3/13/2017

The Room is one of the greatest movies of all time, every minute is comedic gold. On the other hand, The Happening is fairly boring.


on 3/22/2018

The Room is entertainingly bad. The Happening is BAD.