The Conjuring vs. The Shining



on 6/5/2015

The Conjuring is probably one of the best horror movies I've seen in the past few years. But I love me some Kubrick movies, so Shining wins for me.

on 6/24/2015

Agree with thejamin 100% Conjuring is a great Horror film one of the best in 10 years but Shining is one of the all time great cinematic masterpieces!

on 8/1/2016

I love Conjuring more. I found it actually frightening. Shining is a bit overrated. Still pretty good.

on 8/23/2016

No match - The Shining

on 8/22/2017

Enjoyed the hell outta both. The Conjuring proved that even if a concept has been done innumerable times before, it can still be made to work provided one puts enough truth and passion into it. I'll take The Shining but these two have all the ingredients of pure horror. Look forward to watching them again (and later regretting this decision).

on 2/27/2018

Going with The Shining on this one.